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All Contained WITH PICS, finally.

Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10b)

This is my second attempt to upload pics without wiping out my entire post, and not knowing how I did it. No. 1 is a buddleja davidii with yellow violas - I debudded it before planting (or would that be deflowered?), and since then it has had one tiny little flower on it, which lasted a week and went away. No. 2 is cordyline 'Electric Pink', which is in a sunny holding area awaiting spring so it can be moved out to the north facing front of the house along with a bunch of companions. No. 3 = 2 cordyline 'Festival Burgandy' also awaiting spring. No 4 is on the flower cart in the side front yard, an artemisia 'David's Choice' with purple violas and a candy stripe phlox which is either dormant or resting, but not dead yet. No. 5 is a just starting to flower purple lantana - and just in time for El Nino, cold temps and WIND. All the others are in the process of being potted up through the levels of nursery pots and are currently in a sheltered area under the porch roof overhang. Some were only transplanted up yesterday and today so I don't want them exposed to too much of this weather yet. In the morning I'll put everything back in their 6 hrs of sun spot. I have obsessed about the night temps going under 40 degrees until I looked up, again, the zone designations and if almost all these plants can survive winter in z17 or lower, they'll certainly make it through the night here in z24. I have a few z22-24 plants, but they're already tucked up on the porch. So I've done what I can do and now they're on their own. Oh, look - that white fuzzy stuff on the left of photo #4 is the dog - he's a ghost, should have been named Casper. I'm sooo happy to have the cable that makes the pics work - now I just need to practice and get better at it. Have a peaceful evening, Syb

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Algonquin, IL(Zone 5a)

Very pretty pics, Sybil! I looks like you're all set with your garden. :o)

Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10b)

Hi nuts, (nuts? is that ok?). I've got as much as I can handle in the "waiting for Spring" holding area. I never realized how limited the full sun area is in fall/winter. Why did I buy a north facing home? But its fun. Now that I'm not buying plants for awhile I can concentrate on painting the clay pots and that means a LOT of trips to HD for color cards. And its fun. Thanks for noticing, Syb

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