D. Scorps!

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

2 years old.

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Reno, NV(Zone 6b)

Hi Tommy,

I ran into you on the Orchid Forum some months back - you were growing a Masdevallia. How did it do? Mine is still hanging in there. Alive for 10 months - an all time record!

I was looking back through photos in this forum and you seem to be a major contributor. I am curious about what you are doing with your Sarracenia. They look like they are in tubs - do you move them in and out with the seasons? Or are they permanent? I used to move mine in and out each year but planted them in permanent bogs in my yard 2 years ago. I can't move them in so cover them with burlap in the winter so they won't dehydrate and let them freeze solid. They did great last winter but this winter is much colder. I have all my fingers and toes crossed.

I noticed your Drosera are also outside - I have always kept mine in my greenhouse (between the tree frogs and the Drosera, its very bug free in there). One escaped into the outside bog last summer (it must be from seed) so I am anxious to see how it fared over the winter. I would like to add more Drosera to the bog outside so will have to look for some cold hardy types. I have never been successful with Venus Flytraps although it seems to me they would be like Drosera.

My current project is Cobra Lily from seed. The Serrancena I grew from seed two years ago is about to go outside so the Darlingtonia can come out of the refrigerator and go into the greenhouse - hopefully I will have little Cobra's running all over the place in the next month or so.

Photo 1 was taken in September. Photo 2 was taken today. The bog is outlined by the bricks (that are holding down the layers of burlap). The brown bump in the middle is the plant in photo 1.


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Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Hi Daisy!
My Masdevallia is still alive and in a cool 59 F. room currently. It's not doing much but it is alive!

My VFTs and Sarracenias are in pots sitting in water trays during the growing season. In mid - late fall some go into zip lock bags then in my fridge and a few stay in a unheated back utility room. ALL my VFTs are in the fridge as are a few sarrs. I had ONE Filiformis sundew outside but moved it in for the winter.

Flytraps are REALLY easy if you give them full Sun during the growing season and let them go dormant in the fall. Typically mid to late Oct. through Valentine's day.

I had a few Cobra lilies I started from seed but they died after 2 years. I have to try them again someday.

You plants look good! Hope they survive the winter.


Reno, NV(Zone 6b)

Me too. I just ordered some bare root Sarracenias from California Carnivores. I order a couple every year at this time as they sell them cheap and send some really big divisions. So if all my Sarracenias died this winter, I will have a lot of room for them. My daughter has a colder yard than mine (-5 this winter) and her's do well. She tells me I worry too much.

I moved my Darlingtonia out of the refrigerator and into the greenhouse a couple days ago. Now I am anxiously waiting for signs of green. My thought on them is to plant them in a section of my in-greenhouse pond where the water stays cool and is always running. If I get brave, I will figure out how make them happy outside. Maybe in the shallow part of one of my outdoor ponds.

All the Drosera got replanted this week as my favorite greenhouse weed (5-fingered ferns) had taken over their pots.

Forgot to tell you last time, I really like your little Scorps. Cute!


Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Your plans sound good! Yes the scorps are a cool little plants. In one more month I can start taking my VFTs out of the fridge and wake them up. Can't wait! Sarrs. too.

What a weird winter, warmer than normal but it's finally staring to get real cold here.


Reno, NV(Zone 6b)


How do you get all those plants in the frig? Restaurant sized refrigerator?

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