Dave\'s Garden Restricted due to contents Brevard County Library

Titusville, FL(Zone 9b)

A few weeks ago, I submitted to DG Admins without any help and as well to the Brevard County Florida Library Admins with zero responds. Asked the library help desk people why a gardening site would be restricted and I got a huge shoulder shrug after they looked at it and they literally just walked away. (Flower Porn?)
Can anyone explain to me why this message pops up when trying to access the site? I can get to the first page, but can't get any further than that. No threads, No DG mail, No trades lists, no ANYTHING past the front page of this site. Please don't ask me to resubmit it to DG Admins again...it won't do any good a second time, my patience isn't that thick.
Is there anything I can do to access this site from my laptop from the Brevard County Florida Library? I find that using my phone is OK (sort of?) to access the site but not really user friendly at all from my phone even though my only restriction is a key board and full size screen I can access all of the site. I like to do other DG stuff from a real computer on occasion because it's user friendly with a real key board and a real sized screen, pics come up better and reading isn't such a challenge.
I would really like to access this DG site from the library...any suggestions?

Brevard County Libraries
Access to the requested site has been restricted due to its contents
URL/Content: Glype Proxie
Discription: Glype Proxy Blocked

Madison, AL

FlaFlower - I have no idea of the technical issues involved in this situation. But I do know that if I asked a library employee (Help Desk?) a question and they shrugged and walked away, they would find me right there after them. They are public employees and owe you courtesy as they try to find out the answer to what you asked. Ask them again and politely remain in their faces until they answer. If a low level person does not know, it is their job to inquire up the chain until an answer is forthcoming. It may not be an answer you like, but some answer is required. What do you think?

Titusville, FL(Zone 9b)

I agree with you on all levels, but what I am finding is "they just don't care" and I could almost understand with the issues they have to deal with here but quite frankly they created the issues that we all have to now deal with, it's like a free for all.
Quite? Does not exist! Ringing Cell phones every where!
Safe? Its a hang out for the worst! Use your imagination!

This is why I was inquiring here to see if perhaps it was a setting on my computer, but it works fine here at a local public wifi spot that I prefer not to use for obvious reasons.

I actually contacted the IT department of the library threw E-mail and didn't even get the decency of a responds, any responds! Maybe I need to contact there boss the commissioners and find out what the hidden forbidden content is exactly.

Thanks for the responds

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