Repurposing Square Hydrogen Peroxide Bottles?

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi y'all!
I was wondering if anyone might have ideas for repurposing empty square hydrogen peroxide bottles similar to the one in the picture, that ISN'T making little planters/bottle gardens. I know they'd be great for that, especially since the dark bottle would protect delicate roots from sun exposure - but c'mon gardeners... we all know they're too small to grow much, and unfortunately - none of the windows in my house receive enough sunlight for lettuce or herbs. Oh, "the price I pay" for planting trees! :) I literally have a cupboard full of these empty bottles, since I go through up to 10 bottles a month, depending on how disgustingly the cats behaved.
Thought about using them as a bed border, but buying stuff to fill them sort of defeats the frugal nature of the project - might as well buy preformed cement stones. I suppose I could fill them with yard dirt, but the topsoil around my Florida home is a fairly valuable commodity as well.
Any ideas how I can use a lot of these bottles in a big project - before I either try to find someone who wants to use them for tiny flowerpots or give up and chuck 'em in the recycle bin? An empty cupboard space is quickly becoming more desirable than its current contents...

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Englewood, FL

I want my old TTT forum back.

Fort Worth, TX

might work for starter pots

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

How do you use peroxide with pet messes?

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