anyone know how to root norwalk pines??

Kingsville, OH(Zone 5a)

I have a nice Norwalk Pine but it has a branch on the bottom growing off to the side, I would like to save it. But not keep it with the old fellow, any ideas on rooting it??

Evansport, OH

Hello Tom I'm reading strait out of my trusty Ortho house Plant book it say's under propagation for NIP "Hard to propagate without elaborate facilities" So I'm quessing it would be pretty hard to do. I too have one that I would like to get a start off of. I talked to a lady at a local greenhouse and she told me to just wait and that maybe my NIP would send up a new shoot from the roots then I could transplant that so I'm waiting!!! Sorry I could'nt be more help. Dan

Ashley Falls, MA

Hi Tom!
I've read that you can't root branches of NIP because the plant that will grow from a branch is not programmed to grow up, (or something like that). Even if rooting is sucessful it will result in a plant that does not grow well. ...j.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

I read the same thing. Some pines can be layered with side branches and they could take a year + to root. If you are successful in rooting, though, a horizontal parent branch will result in a new tree which grows in a horizontal fashion, not topright...and vice versa with rooting vertical branches.

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Port Hadlock, WA

I have a person with two really neat Norwalk Pines potted and in an office. one has a new stem coming out the top about 3"s, like a small tree. various well branchs all around. are there any new ideas or success's out there and what to do?

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