Happy 2016

Ripley, MS

New thread for a New Year !
Praying for us all to have the best year ever !

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Happy 2016!!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Happy 2016!! I plan to spend the day working on projects. I bought paint yesterday for the bedroom that I'm turning into a craft room. I want to start fresh now that I have a lot of the furniture out. I also have a couple of pieces of furniture I need to work on. I should have used a mask when I took the popcorn off the ceiling. The dust did a number on my sinuses. Just stopped them up but it's draining out down into my thoart. Should be ok by tomorrow. Definitely not a cold reaction from the dust. You would think I would learn one of these days!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Happy 2016! More football for us, lol! I am happy really since I do enjoy a good game. My South Carolina cousins and I talked about this happening back in the fall, and it did. They are Clemson fans, big time!

Felt better today so I tackled my kitchen drawers. Got all but one cleaned out and I had cleaned it out a few months ago (it still needs it again but I'll maybe do it later). Got rid of a bunch of junk. My brother had given me a big box of photos some time ago. Most if not all had belonged to my grandmother when she passed away. I don't know why he waited so long to give them to me, but anyway he did. So I spent part of last night while the game was in going thru them again. I took several out of frames and tossed the frames, took them out of old crumbling albums, and threw a bunch away. They lived in Texas for around 15-20 years & there were a bunch of pics from those days. I have no idea who those people were. Some I remember their names as they were her friends, but I am sure they are long gone and I'd have no way of finding heirs. The photos weren't anything special. I will give a bunch to some of my cousins and my brother that they are in. The guest books from my grandparents funerals were also in the box. I kept them but I don't know why really. We hauled a bunch of boxes to Goodwill on Wednesday and I am already starting to fill up another box. Time to purge and I am in the mood!

Today I also cleaned my 2 spare bedrooms, including the carpet in one. I think I overdid it. Took a nap about an hour ago. We're invited to a 50th anniversary party tomorrow night. Their son is one of our son's childhood friends so our son Matt & Jennie are spending the night with us tomorrow night after we all go. His friend & his wife are in town from Indiana for the big celebration so I know they will have fun catching up.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I'm doing the same thing you are Elaine. I have finally gotten through with my repainting and I'm trying to get the furniture back in place. I have two pieces in the hallway that I'm moving into the room. I don't need furniture in the hallway upstairs! Well I actually probably will look for a small table to use in place off a chest. I would like to be able to put a lamp in the hallway. The carpet was terrible in that room! Richard had spilled coke on it and it was just dirty in general. I was actually able to get the coke stain out. If you all don't use Oxi Magic you need to get some. It works miracles! I also discovered he had spilled what looked like a whole coke on the edge of the mattress next to the wall. It had a terrible stain. I just wet it good with Oxi Magic and water and thought it probably wouldn't come out it had been in there so long. I walked into the garage a few days later and the stain is gone!! Now that I have that room painted I can start getting another bedroom clean. I have a bunch of my craft stuff in one of the spare bedrooms and I'll just move it into the new room. Shouldn't take long to get that room into shape once I move the craft stuff out.

I took a load of stuff for bedding to the Humane Society. I had thick mattress pads, blankets, etc. I still have a bunch of twin sheets I need to get rid off. Some I will keep to use as furniture covers.

It's looking a lot better and I feel less claustrophobic but I have a lot more to go!!! I need to go through my cabinets and throw stuff away. Probably half the food in there is out of date.

Got a text from Kristi yesterday saying she and Jeff were on the way to the airport going to Israel. Jeff had to go for work and they had enough frequent flyer miles for her to go too and somehow she managed to get a flight on 2 days notice. He never gets but a few days notice of where they want him to be even going out of the country. Israel is on her want to see list so I guess she decided she would just have to learn to get things together on short notice. Hopefully they are working out some time on the end of his trip to do some sightseeing together. He was able to send some time sightseeing the last time he was there but some important holiday was coming up just as he was leaving and he didn't have as much time as he wanted as the whole country was shutting down because of the holiday and he had to get out. Even airports were closing.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Charlotte, I got to go to Israel several years ago on business and I really enjoyed it. We had a free day and 4 of us hired a tour guide who picked us up at our hotel in a mini-bus and took us to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Mount of Olives, the gold market, and a couple of other places. It was really great and he walked us around the old walled city (Jerusalem) to what we were interested in seeing and shopping for and knew where to take us to eat. His mini-bus was also very easy to get around versus the big tour buses and we didn't have to walk far to get into any place. He was also very knowledgeable about every site and we appreciated everything he told us along the way. Well worth it, so pass along the info if you can. The hotel arranged it for us and I'm sure they can do the same for them if they have time. All the good hotels in Tel Aviv (Sheraton, Hilton, etc) are pretty much in the same area along the Med and should have the same ability to arrange something. There is a big boardwalk along the sea that was safe to walk along especially during the day and many good restaurants. I loved the food as everything was very fresh.

BTW, my daughter put out a call for clothing, especially pants and shirts of any size, for the closet at the ER. I don't know if any of you have a connection to someone at your local hospitals, but they often need to send someone home with clothing when they have to cut off a person's clothing (or it's too dirty or whatever for them to wear home). If you're cleaning out closets, keep this in mind. Anything clean & easy to slip on (sweatpants, jeans, old t-shirts or button-up shirts) are appreciated.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Charlotte, sounds like you have been super busy and making a lot of progress. We actually looked at a house on Northedge the other day - but I was a little concerned about the neighborhood declining.........
Sounds like Kristi will get to mark another place off her "to see" list. I am sure they will have a good trip. It is nice that he gets to travel with his job and that she has the opportunity to go with him!

My sister, Jessica and I went to Dillards on Friday for their sale. We stood in line for boots and I managed to get a really nice pair for about a 1/4 of the original price. My sister got a pair as well, but the reason we went was for Jessica to get a pair and they didn't have any in her size in the color we needed (or any of several options) by the time we got our turn at the door with the runners who were retrieving boxes. After we finished at Dillards, we went to James Avery and got our charms placed on our bracelets, and then after lunch we drove around different neighborhoods and looked at different houses Jessica had on a list that she was interested in. We got back home around 7:30. Saturday we managed to get a few Christmas things put away, but not all. I did work on Kyle's ottoman that I am redoing and made some progress with it as well. I ended up with a migraine trying to work on it without glasses that were really helping so I had to quit before I finished. I had planned to finish it yesterday, but I started feeling really bad late Saturday evening and I didn't have any energy yesterday. I managed to get the ornaments off the tree, but ran out of steam before I could get the lights off and get the thing taken down. Maybe this evening............. I didn't think I was going to come to work this morning because I felt so worn out, but I just kept moving around and telling myself I REALLY needed to go and I finally motivated myself to go! LOL..... I am dragging and am fighting the chest congestion like I was a few months ago - just doesn't seem to be something that ever completely goes away. They want me to take the shot for pneumonia because some test revealed that my resistance to that virus or whatever is low, but I haven't gotten back in the clinic to try to get the shot. I hope that Kim is able to final get some relief for hers! She has been sick for weeks now! I know she must be exhausted!

Yesterday was Kyle and Maddie's one year anniversary! This past year has absolutely flown by! Just seems like a few days ago we were working to get everything ready for the rehearsal/wedding/reception!

I am working on end of year stuff at work, and getting all my new files and records set up for the new year. Guess I better get back at it!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Ripley, MS

I drove Judy to take some bladder tests today, so am using the hospital internet while I wait.
I have the same need to clean out things in Jan, I have already cleaned out some of my gardening/mowing clothes. I made Jerry got through all his Sunday clothes and take out the ones that don't fasten anymore. Now maybe the ones that do fit him will not get wrinkled up all smushed together ! He also went through old tshirts. Our closet looks so much better now. I will also go through all the drawers in our room. I moved back in the bed with Jerry. We made it really well after sleeping apart since Sept 10th. Feels like home again !! Jerry has a gun cabinet in the extra bedroom and it blocks most of the heat vent, so I decided to try it while he didn't have to go to work. He went back today.
Genna that running out of steam you talked about happens to me just about every afternoon, sometimes 4-6, it doesn't matter if I get up early or sleep late. Sit in my chair all day or work all day. It is a bad feeling too.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sandra, hope Judy's tests all went ok. How is Cayla doing? I can't remember when you said that Jerry would be released from the doctor to return to full duty at work.

I had taken some Nyquil (only half a dose) on Saturday evening because my drainage and congestion was so bad. I didn't figure I would sleep without it. Instead, I slept most of the day on Sunday. :( I just couldn't get awake and any time I would stop or sit down I would fall back asleep. I figure it was partially medicine and partially whatever I was fighting off and my body just needed some rest. I have felt better today.

Jeri, I haven't heard in a long time but did you ever get all the title work situated on selling your trailer park?? I knew it was a mess, but didn't know if it ever got settled. Our current renter had supposedly wanted to buy the house they are living in and she bugged me for months about a firm price for it. We finally gave them a firm price in October, and they haven't mentioned it since. Actually, we agreed to a price that she had said they would qualify on a loan for that amount...... now her husband doesn't want to buy. I am not in a rush to sell, because we have a decent income coming in off of it, but she drives me crazy constantly texting me about one thing or another. I would just prefer to sell it and be done with it!

I desperately need to do some more cleaning out of closets and drawers. I managed to get a little done, but not nearly enough. I can't get Leigh to part with ANY of his old stuff and some of it is so worn that he never wears it..... I do not understand! Then some of it he will NEVER fit back into! LOL.... but he just keeps it hanging there just in case! I actually have a box of pants that I boxed up in our old house before we moved - 11 years ago!!! - that I marked with that waist size "just in case" he ever got back down to where he could wear them. I think I am going to take it to Ouachita Industries - I am pretty sure he will never miss them! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Yall are just making me tired listening to you. When you get caught up... LOL!!! I need to do all of the above!!!

I'm so jealous of Kristi & Jeff getting to spend time in Israel. To be there where Jesus walked has always been something I imagined doing.

Elaine glad that you are doing so well after your eye surgery. Amazing technology!!!

Genna it is hard to believe that it's been a year since Kyle and Maddie got married. Life seems to be speeding by, faster and faster.

Sandra how is the recovery going in your area after the storms? Did Amanda's stepchildren get their roof repaired?

We got the 2nd release signed out of 4 to sell the park. Getting there slowly but surely. The attorney, Mr. Cox that messed everything up has turned it over to his malpractice insurance and they have an attorney representing him and he is acting as a mediator between the 4 people I need their signatures. Since it's in his best interest to get it settled quickly there is hope.

Ripley, MS

Still no internet here, most of the damage was in the northern part of the county.
The step grands house was a total loss, I guess I must have told said the top, I meant the second story, it took a whole level off, they were all downstairs thank goodness. They will have to either buy or rebuild.
Cayla is wearing a heart moniter, she had a bad spell of it beating way too hard Sunday, it is just an overnight moniter.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Wow, Sandra, I hope y'all get your internet back soon. I imagine all the towers have been damaged or are down so it might be a while.

Jeri, glad you are halfway there with the signatures you need. It's sure taken a while, but hopefully you are right and the malpractice insurance people will get on the ball.

Genna, that Nyquil will put you down! I have taken it (didn't take it this time) and it sure knocks me for a loop if I take a full dose. I usually take a half dose and am out. Glad you are better. It is hard to believe Kyle and Maddie have been married a year!

I have been sorting through old photos. I didn't realize what a mess my cabinet was in. Well, yeah I did, but I had sort of ignored it. I started putting photos in albums a long time ago but I would keep the rest of the photos in those photo boxes with indexes you can get at Hobby Lobby. I still had a couple of boxes of old photos I never put in the photos boxes so I went to HL and bought 4 boxes and am working on those. I threw away a bunch of photos that either weren't good, duplicates, or people I don't even remember. I'm almost finished and if I hadn't been so tired last night I probably would be finished. Writing dates and events on the indexes takes some time too and keeping everything in order. I also took out a lot of old photos out of frames and put some frames in the donate box. I still have one small drawer to go through in the built-ins but the big cabinets are pretty much done. I think/hope! We have too many photographs. I still have a bunch of old family stuff in a dresser drawer I need to go through. Crazy thing is, someone will probably need to just toss all this one day and I'm wondering why I bother with it.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I've been checking the home page and no notification that any new comments had been made to the thread! Finally just decided to go to the thread and check! I wish they would get their act together!!!!!

Genna our neighborhood is fine and is not declining. The house you looked at is a different story. They have not been able to sell it and have continued to lower the price because while it faces Northedge the only way to enter (driveway and garage in back) it is actually from a long dead end street behind it. That street is not a desirable street. It is all small unit apartments. Don't know why they built the house like that. There are actually 2 or 3 houses all beside each other that are like that. They are on the top of a high hill and I guess it was too difficult to build a driveway up the steep hill. It doesn't matter what the house looks like it will always be a difficult house to resale because of the entrance to the house. Also Northedge and all the streets behind my street are in a different Subdivision. They are not in my same neighborhood even through we are so close. Makes a difference. They are not in our POA and don't have park privileges. A lot of differences in the two neighborhoods.

Elaine Jeff was in Israel about a year ago and was able to go to Jerusalem but didn't get to go to some of the other places he wanted to go. They were getting ready to have some kind of big national holiday and the whole country was going to be shut down including the airports! I checked the pictures he had posted from that trip and he did go to the Mount of Olives, Wailing Wall, Roman Road, Islamic Quarter of Jerusalem and Jerusalem. Kristi is always in a bible study so hopefully they will get to see what they want to this time. He is staying in Tel Aviv in a hotel along the boardwalk you mentioned. He was in the Sheraton last time but a different one this time. Not sure which one. I haven't heard anything from him other than what he posted on FB. I imagine he will be going back again at some point. The company he works for home office is in Tel Aviv and he reports direct to the Tel Aviv office. I'm glad they were able to work it out so that Kristi could go on such short notice. He travels so much I think I might get tired of it. But he says he is ok with all the travel. He even flies down to LA to work just for the day a lot. He's gone somewhere just about every week. Spends lots of time in Canada and the East coast.

Jeri I hope you can get your park mess settled soon. I know you are really ready to get it over with.

Sandra I hope you get your internet back soon. If you are like me I would be lost without it! Hope nothing serious is wrong with Cayla. It's good that they are monitoring her.

I spent yesterday working on my booth at my new location. Took all the Christmas stuff down, added some new stuff and totally rearranged. Looks much better.

I am slowly getting my house back in order. I got the bedroom repainted and I'm working on getting it back together. I need to put a lot of stuff from the third spare bedroom in what is now my craft/sewing room. As I move stuff that room will automatically get clean. Still working on cleaning out drawers, cabinets, etc!

It's a cloudy rainy day here and I'm planning to spend the day in the house! Hopefully I'll get a few things done.

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Oh wow Sandra, I didn't realize you meant it took the whole top floor either!! Thank goodness they were all safe! I hope their insurance company is helping them! Sorry to hear Cayla is having problems with her heart too. Hope they are able to figure out what is causing the racing and get it taken care of. I am sure all the stress she has been thru doesn't help!

Elaine, I SOOOO need to sort photos - literally thousands of them probably.... and I just haven't had the will power to tie into the project. I LOVE photos and have been a camera bug for years; I just get beside myself sometimes for not having them better organized. But there just never seems to be enough time! Then I have a lot of old photos from my parents house that need to be gone thru as well - several of those probably just will have to be thrown away because in some cases I have NO idea who the people are. :( I hate that, but no point keeping them if I don't even know who they are. Obviously I need to do a better job of managing my time at home and get some of these things done and off my to do list (that is way longer than I will ever live to finish!)..... First, I need to get the rest of the Christmas stuff put away! lol

Charlotte, sounds like you are getting everything fixed up. You will enjoy having everything like you want it.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

We are finally having some cooler weather. Not bad just cold at night but warmer during the day. I had gotten used to the nice warm winter weather!!!

Jeff and Kristi got back from Israel yesterday. I never actually talked with them while they were gone. I just got an email with some photos. Kristi toured somewhere everyday while Jeff was working. He said she covered most of Israel. As he said she is very adventurous and even crossed over into Jordon and went to Petra. He was able to take off one day and go with her. They went to Jerusalem that day. From the pictures he sent it looked like someone was with them. They were at lunch and there was a third plate of food, drinks and a iphone on the table across from them. Jeff actually knows people in Tel Aviv. I'm not sure how Kristi got around but she has traveled in Europe and Japan extensively and knows how to figure things out. She doesn't mind striking out on her own. Jeff also was able to poke around Tel Aviv after he got off work. So they were their together but went different directions most of the time.

I'm going to the Dallas market in a couple of weeks. My friend Judy is going with me. I hope the weather stays decent.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I almost froze at church yesterday. We went down to 29 last night. I still have my cough but overall I'm feeling much better.

I'm so glad that Jeff and Kristi had such a good trip and were able to get to see so much but accomplish his work as well.

Heard from the lawyer and we go to court Feb. 2. I pray this will get me the necessary signatures I need to sell the park.

Yesterday was the last day for the seasonal employees at Costco but they asked Ashley to work in the deli full time so she should qualify for their other benefits now.
She isn't happy about working in the deli but I told her to give it a chance and try to hang in there until Blue Bayou re-opens the 1st of May.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri hope all goes well on Feb 2. I know you will be glad to get all that behind you. It has been a pain. I think I would be pulling my hair out at this point. I hate dealing with things like that.

Young people don't always like giving things a try but I'm like you at least Ashley can give it a try. One more good thing on her resume and you never know they could end up transferring to some other place in the store that she likes. We all had to start somewhere and not everything we did was what we necessarily wanted to do.

For some reason Jake doesn't want to include his summer jobs at Wal Mart on his resume. He doesn't realize how important that experience was and that it shows he was willing to work and actually had some good experience. They asked him back for the second summer and worked on setting up a Neighborhood Market. I think he feels they would think that's the kind of job he's looking for. He never wants to work at Wal Mart again!! LOL Jeff said he's going to have to sit him down and try to explain why that experience should be on his resume.

It's cold here too. It's been in the 40's during the day but has dropped to the high 20's at night. Just feels cold. Especially after being warm for so long. I am loving my unvented gas logs!! I have all the bedroom doors shut but mine and also have the living room and dining doors shut. I have the thermostats set for 60 upstairs and about 65 downstairs. The gas logs heat the rooms I stay in up in a hurry. My heating units seldom come on. Hope it's saving energy. We'll see!! My little doggies sleep with me and I have several throws on the bed for them. I cover them up good and they actually stay snuggled up in their covers all night. I like sleeping in a cool bedroom.

Ripley, MS

Still using data, but wanted to say Hi and let you know I am frozen too, winter and I are never friends but the joint pain is really bad when it is this cold.
I think the parts are in to fix our internet the last I heard they were looking for a climber. Ours comes directly from a tower, but there are 4 towers and they all work together. They have to have a certain license to climb and they don't have one on staff.
My cleaning is going much better now, ordered a new vac and it really makes a difference !

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Hi Jeri. So glad you are better and that you now have a court date. I sincerely hope and pray that you get this resolved and all signatures will be on that piece of paper. Or that the judge will just rule that you're free and clear to sell at this point due to all the snafu's you've endured due to the incompetence. Well, Ashley should be happy they offered her the deli job. She will at least be there at Costco if something else opens up and she has benefits!

Sandra, sorry to hear you have a hard time with the cold. Our joints just don't like the cold. I try to stay moving which helps me more than sitting still. I start training again on Saturday. I never really stopped, but my group training starts again on Saturday morning so I'll be pushing myself more. Isn't a new vacuum great? We replaced ours back in the fall and it's amazing.

I finally have finished with my photos. Well except I ordered a bunch of album pages to finish up one album, so now I'll have to go back thru some of the photos and pull out some of them to put in the album, but that won't be so bad. At least everything is organized and my cabinets are cleaned out. I even cleaned out my china cabinet a little bit and the pie safe and threw away a bunch of recipes I had cut out (and never used). I shouldn't do that as I never make most of them. Do y'all do that? I think I'm about done with closets and drawers although I'm sure I've missed a couple here or there. Next up is cleaning out our files & getting ready for taxes. I'll tackle that this week in front of the TV and this weekend.

Charlotte, funny thing, my DD worked at Wal-Mart when she was in HS. She ran across a former co-worker when she got her divorce...he was her attorney. They reminisced about the 'Wal-Mart days' for about 20 minutes and how much fun they had. Of course this was back in the early 80's when that particular store just opened. He's a great guy and also divorced and a good friend of the guy she is now dating. Funny how that worked out. So Jake shouldn't be afraid to mention he once worked for one of the leading Fortune 500 companies.

I'm running on empty this morning. Stayed up too late last night rooting for Alabama. Roll Tide!!!! That was one of the best games ever. Clemson has a great team and an even better quarterback in Deshaun Watson. I needed an ambulance several times during that one. Whew!!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

The wind is not blowing today and it feels so much warmer!!! TG!!!

Charlotte there are always things in limbo in my life and there have been other irons in the fire lately that I think I've done very well...haven't choked anyone yet anyway!!!

I can see Jake's reasoning but you and I know the more versatile your resume the better. When I started working at the Ford dealership when I was 19 years old, they hired me as an assistant Title Clerk but they made me work the switchboard and relieve the operator for lunch and I also got my 1st computer experience and did relief work in the cashier's office for service and parts. I learned early that the more you know the better. They kept me when times got bad and they had to do lay offs.

I know you are enjoying your logs. I haven't even had a fire this year. Too much of a mess and I haven't had the time to just sit in the LR other than last night, I watched the movie War Room. I don't even know why but I cried for most of it and it wasn't a really sad movie. That lady reminded me of my grandmother. That is how strong her belief was and their bibles looked the same.

I need to get out today and run some errands but I'm waiting to fax Jim a paper when he gets to the truck stop.

Ashley got picked to dance in 2 Mardi Gras parades so the season is already upon us. Mardi Gras Day is Feb. 9 this year.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Ripley, MS

Jeri, we watched that this weekend too, Amanda and the girls were here and we all watched it. It was a wonderful movie. We need more Clara's in our lives. I think I told y'all , we are building a new church. It is a metal building and will be finished out on the inside. I have really been burdened about young people. If we don't soon start getting more young folks coming to church our congregation will all soon be gone. If you have a minute please join me in asking God to send us young people !
Ms Clara said Raise them up Lord, Raise them up !!!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I know what you are talking about Sandra, not at Journey but at some of the Baptist Churches in our area have few young people. We changed to Journey for Ashley, Brooklyn & Peyton. Such a blessing the way she showed them how to pray. Did Yall cry? I sure did!!!

Ripley, MS

No, I laughed more than cried. When she was praying for her husband, I told the girls, I sure wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now !!
If they had not been here, I probably would have thinking of all those Grannies that went before us. A lot of us wouldn't be alive today without praying Moms and Grannies ! Myself included !

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I need to find the movie you all are talking about. I haven't watched any movie in I don't know when! It sounds like a good one.

I finally got everything in my craft/sewing room. I have a sewing machine cabinet that has been in my garage for many years! I had some furniture moved to the antique mall today and had them move it up into my workroom. I just need to put my sewing machine on it now. With it set up all the time I might get some projects out of the way. I still have a lot to do and a lot to sort through but I'm making progress. I saw something the other day on FB that I think I want to make. They had put pegboard in a large frame. I have lots of large frames. When and if I get around to making it I thought I would hang it above my sewing machine and hang scissors, thread, etc on it.

It is so sad that so many churches are now made up of primarily old people. When Richard and I were looking for a church that we were both comfortable with we visited a lot of small churches. He was Presbyterian and we visited a lot of small Presbyterian churches. Even through we were older I just didn't like the feel of the churches without young people. They just seemed to be dying. We both liked Fellowship as it had a good mix of old and young people and just seemed more alive and active in things.

I got my electric bill today. I don't know what would make such a big difference but it was less than half what it was last Jan!!! Richard had a tv, and sirius radio on 24/7 and several lights on 24/7. I can't believe just turning those things off would make such a difference. My furnaces are not running very much and I guess it takes a lot of electricity every time they come on. I'll be interested to see how much my gas bill is this month.

Jeri I learned the same thing about learning as much as you could where you were working. A lot of people only wanted to do exactly what was in their job description and no more. I would read old files and learn the history and did what I needed to do regardless. It paid off for me and I'm sure it did for you. It just seems to be hard to get the young kids now to understand that.

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Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Well Ashley hates the deli!!! She didn't like one single thing about it. I told her she needed to give it a try and she agreed to 1 week. Does anyone know what non-slip shoes are? I thought it was sneakers but they got onto her.

My electric bill was $175.00. That's my house and the guest house(which is shut down other than the fridge). Jimmy's mobile home, the office and the waterfall was $350.00. Then I have a 3rd meter that I did use as our check out stand when we had the sales center it was only $10.00.

They announced last week at our church, that our vision for 2016 is to enlarge our entire church to go from seating 1395 a Sunday to seat between 800-1000 more. It's gonna be nice!!! They are adding a book store, enlarging the cafe and seating area, adding a lounge for the Serve Team to relax during the services that we don't attend. We serve for all 3 services on the Sunday's that we work.

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

I hate that Ashley hates the deli. I have no idea what non-slip shoes are unless they are the type that have the serrated-looking soles. Maybe look at Target? Or one of the Payless stores or some place like that. She won't like them at any rate.

I don't think our utility bills have been too high, but that will probably change this month!

I still hate this new format. It never looks like there are any new posts. I have to keep refreshing the page and then skip to new will take me to something new. It will show me who/when the latest post was made.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I hate this new format too Elaine!!!! I think the whole new format was just to get advertising on our feed. But they have totally messed the site up by doing it. Nothing seems to work the way it used to!!

Jeri I don't have any idea what non-slip shoes are either! I would have also thought tennis shoes. You may have to ask at a shoe store. I'm like Elaine what ever they are I'm sure Ashley want like them! I hope you can get her to hang in there with it for a little while.

Of course the warmer winter has helped with the utilities. I just realized when you posted about your bills Jeri that one of the reasons my electric bill is so much lower is because my waterfall pump is not on. It broke this summer and with all I had going on with Richard I didn't get it fixed before the end of the summer. I'm waiting until spring and getting a new pump and also letting him put a skimmer in. Hopefully that will get my pond up to speed and maybe I want have any problems for a while.

Ripley, MS

Well I know what non slip shoes are, they are made for working on slippery floors such as restaurants and delis where there are endless spills all day long! You can find them at any shoe store or Walmart, they will be marked No Slip or Non Slip the sole is made to give you better control when walking on slick surfaces.
Jerry has to have steel toe, non slip shoes and he likes a certain brand that you can only buy at Scruggs Farm supply around here, I can't think what the name brand is.
I read a little about the new format when I had unlimited internet, the whole reason for it is to make the site more "mobile friendly". The company considers it a major improvement while I am not having any trouble using it, I am still not adjusted to it, Charlotte if you are seeing ads you need to go to your personal preferences and shut them off, paid people have that option.


Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks Sandra I didn't realize I could do that. I don't find it any easier to use with a mobilize key device!! In fact it seems more difficult to me and my text wraps in a way that makes it hard to read. It chops things off after one or two letters and wraps to the next line. There are just too many bugs in this new format. The didn't seem to do a good job of testing!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks Sandra! I got all the ads turned off and it is much better without them!!!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Well, thanks, Sandra, I'm on my way to try to shut off the ads. I still have to do about 3 clicks to get to this current thread though. Even my bookmark takes me to an old thread! Not even to the DG home page anymore. It's messed up.

Ripley, MS

Mine has been going straight to the new posts now, it didn't at first when everything was messed up, maybe you could restart the device you are using to look at DG on. Some settings need a re-start to take effect

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I don't know what is going on with DG!!! This is the biggest mess! Every time they say they are doing something to make the site better it gets worse and worse!! Seems like they have grade school kids working on it!!!! I can't imagine professionals making such a mess of things.

Jake found a job! He's going to work at Yelp. He will be working in downtown San Francisco and will be able to ride BART to work everyday. There is a BART station about 10 minutes from their house and it will take him right to his office building. Sounds like they try to make it a fun place to work. Lots of young people work there. What he will be doing is stressful and hard. I've done similar things before. But it sounds like they have a really good training program. It will be a great first job.

Jeff is off to Europe again this weekend. He going to Germany and Switzerland this time. He tried to get Kristi to go to Switzerland but she didn't want to. She really likes to be able to do a lot of research and planning before she goes somewhere. She's going to have to learn to be more spur of the moment if she wants to go. She did enjoy her trip to Israel. She got to see everything she wanted to see. She has wanted to go to Israel for a long time. She's been to Germany but don't think she has been to Switzerland.

It was a beautiful day here!! In the high 60's again. So far we have really had a nice winter temperature wise.

Ripley, MS

Could some of you look at this post and help ??

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Sandra, I tried to post something the other day and that was my first clue something was messed with Dave's. I was so frustrated I had a nice long post that didn't post. So I came over here and was going to ask you Arkansas folks to hell her, and that oneouldnt post either. So I just finished posting some suggestions, and Charlotte had posted something too.

I think DG is going to lose a lot of members after this latest snafu. All they had to do was put a banner on the home page that said they were having problems. But NO, nothing! I wrote 2 D-mails to admin and didn't get a response. I did notice other forums seemed to be having issues. Apparently some people weren't affected, but only a few. My home page still doesn't reflect the latest activity, even after a refresh. Really stupid. I wonder if they have sold out to new management.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine I totally agree!! The same thing happened to me. I typed out a long post and poof it just disappeared!! I thought maybe I previewed it and then forgot to hit the post button. So dumb me typed the whole thing all over again just to have it disappear for the second time!!!!! I was smart enough not to do it a third time! Like you said all it would have taken was a simple banner across the top of the page!!! Also like you I sent a Dmail and also got no response!!! I read on one of the threads that someone had been doing some googling and found that IB had sold the site some time ago to another big company. Can't remember the name of it. I think we may need to start looking at another way to communicate.

From what I'm reading Elaine everyone is affected by this mess! NO ONE could post to a thread for 2 days without any explanation from ADM. Some people did figure out they could post by starting a new thread but no one could post to the thread. If they wanted to reply they had to also start a new thread!!!!

Supposedly all these changes were to make it better for using with iphones and ipads and outer similar devices! I use both and it is not better --- it is worse!!! I believe all this mess is because the company that now owns it is trying to figure out how to get more income out of the sight. Not just from us paying members (which are becoming fewer and fewer) but through paid advertising, etc. At some point you probably want be able to turn off the ads.

Ripley, MS

At the bottom of every page it still says ib Internet Brands, so I don't think they have sold, let's give it a little bit to see how things go, we can always meet up in other places if ya'll want to, but if we get a private group we lose the chance to meet new people.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I see that now Sandra. I'm not suggesting we move right now. Just saying it may get to the point we have to. I'm willing wait it out for now.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

I belong to another group, not related to gardening, that was bought under the Houzz umbrella not long ago. Lots of merger pains, but I'd say about 90% of the people on the forums I look at over there remained. Some changed their online names (they got a bit confused and thought they had to) but it did get better in many ways.

I will stick around here, but they really blew it on this round of upgrades. And I don't think it's any easier for iPad or phone users either. Can't tell the difference.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I agree Elaine I don't see anyway that they have made things easier for iPad or phone users. What I don't understand is the total lack of communication by admin. It's like they are no longer working for Dave's. No response to dmails, no updates or comments on the thread related to the problems, etc. While it says at the bottom of our page it is IB company, it could now be owned under the Houzz umbrella. I still think that our paid subscriptions are a drop in the bucket to them - not hardly worth the bother - and that they are going after bigger dollars from advertisers and how ever else you make money from something like this. That's one reason I'll never use the FB or other links. I think they get something for us using those links - not there for our convenience.

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