Gail McIntosh

Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7a)

I received this news on Saturday, Jan. 8th. Many of the "older" folks that used to be on this forum are gone now, but some of you may remember Gail. I was asked to share this information

Very sad news indeed. Gail helped many people in this hobby. She was outspoken, but very passionate about her plants. I am so sorry for her loss and the hardship on her family.

"My great aunt Gail McIntosh passed away today. She was an amazing person. She was the one person in our family that truly understood me and knew exactly how I felt and it didn't need an explanation. It breaks my heart I will not have her to talk to anymore or help her with her flowers and talk gardening with anymore. I love you aunt Gail. You will be missed tremendously.

Can you do what you did for Jan, and let the DG people know? I don't think she was active here anymore, but they can still mark her profile.

I'm glad she is not sick anymore, but I will miss visiting with her.


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