Fooey... Cough... Cough

(Zone 5a)

I lost my post and it was my fault. Grumble.

Shortleaf, that's great you put water out for the birds. They sure need it.

It was so nice yesterday, I walked out back to find birds, and while there, I checked to see if Kessie is still using the old Barn Swallow nest as a perch. Yep, she leaves a lot of evidence. Not only poop, but pellets. These are made of the things she cannot digest, so coughs them up and out.

This picture shows several birds' pellets. The larger the bird, the bigger the pellet. I didn't handle them too much since they can harbor bacteria. I put one in rubbing alcohol to see if it would hold up. It did, but it lost some of the color. I keep them in little plastic containers.

Children coughing on me had the usual consequences. But I've been taking a step up from fire water and am seeing improvement already, just beginning at 9 am this morn.

2-4 cloves garlic, pressed or chopped up I used four with smaller cloves.
1 tbs honey
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper.
Mix it up and take a 1/4 tsp every half hour. Do NOT follow it with water, even with your mouth screaming. Wait about five minutes to allow the pepper to coat your throat. This will get you feeling better. The pepper doesn't bother me, it's the texture that makes me want to spit it out, but I can get it down.

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