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can you pls help me with \'Gold Crest\'

ATHENS, Greece

They were planted 2/2013 (as you can see their height in one foto) ...unfortunately i planted all three of them very near eachother and i am afraid too close to the almost 3 years later you can see how they look like in the other 3 the 5th foto you can see in a close zoom their leaves ...
my questions are:
first and most important..must i prune them and how?.i have search in google and didnt find you can see from the recently pics their branches growing ,lets say in an unusual way..
and second ...i face every summer the same problem with their leaves (suppose you can understand from the pic) to help them?
-I appreciate a lot to help me make the best for them... you can see one of them is much smaller with fewer there something i can do also ?
Thanks so much

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Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

vTr I would post your thread here. You may get more help.It's the tree forum.

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