Organic traps for wasps and hornets

Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

Oh, wow, it feels good to be able to post again and it looks like the home page is working...looks like, not exactly sure but feeling a little bit optimistic .

Has anyone used the traps for wasps and hornets? The traps that have no toxic materials but openings for the wasps to enter, once inside, they can't get out again. What i worry about is that the bees might be able to do the same and i sure wouldn't want to kill any bees. I don't have anything against wasps, but i have too many of them and just found a couple of nests. The problem is that the wasps kill all the butterfly and moth caterpillars and i need to control the wasp population to balance things out a little better. This product is not available here in Colima (so i can't take a hands on look at it), but i can purchase it via the internet. I have written to the seller, but would much rather hear from some one who has had experience with the product or at least who knows more about it than i do.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Yes, My main complaint against wasps is that they kill the butterfly larva. Depressing for the kids to watch.
A sweet smelling bait like fruit might attract both bees and wasps, but meat usually attracts wasps but not bees. Bologna or ham are what people seem to usually use.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

One of the ways I combat this is to make butterfly cages for the caterpillars and raise them in a secure location. I have a spare bedroom where I place my cages, but you could put them in your garage or outbuilding. Then, if I find the nest and it's in an area that's not safe for me, such as by my front door, then I spray it with orange oil.

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