Where has everyone gone

lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

I been gone a while because of health issues with my wife and when I get back on here none of the Georgia gardeners are here. Did everyone move? Just wondering it used to be posting everyday.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I am still here. I occasionally check out (but don't participate in) other sites and see no Georgia gardeners elsewhere. It seems that regardless of a site's specialized topic, like gardening, folks seem to bond over other topics and things shift. I have other interests that I enjoy here but came to DG because of my interest in vegetable gardening and species orchids. The expert advice on those forums is sorely missed. I hosted four RUs and loved meeting GA gardeners. Even better was to have them revisit again.

So, what are you growing this year? I do a lot of seed saving but need to order a few things. Been very bad about making decisions regarding the spring garden. It's good to see you back.

Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

I'm here! I was wondering if everyone form Georgia had left. How do you like these crazy Georgia temps. 74 degrees in one of our coldest months of February.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I start seed later than Atlanta area gardeners for our garden up in Cleveland, Ga.. Interested in sharing seed, plants or info about what you are growing.

Dalton, GA(Zone 7a)

I've also been away for a while. I go in cycles. But I was also surprised at the paucity of posts on all the forums. It's just not like it used to be a few years ago.

This spring I planted more than I ever have before because I wanted everything to look good when I put the house on the market. But the joke's on me - couldn't sell the house and now I've got to maintain it all!! The flowers did bring people in though. And I bought more annuals than usual so those will be gone next year.

Just trying to keep stuff alive right now thru all these temps in the 90's!

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Interest seems to wax and wane with social media forums. There was a time when DG was mostly informational and a small group of superstar personalities really enlivened threads because of their knowledge, wit, empathy or generosity. Administrators were more engaged but, after a difficult few years, have stepped back. Some members were disappointed and angry which fueled resentment towards admins and negativity within the community. Once the dust settles from the changes of the last few years interest will hopefully pick up.

As mentioned above, I hosted an annual Round Up for years and am open to doing it again. Getting to meet other gardeners, swapping seeds and plants and sharing food is fantastic! But the last time I offered to host there was interest but not commitment. I noticed Donna (Gapeahen) had the same issue trying to organize gatherings in S. Ga. several years in a row. It's really a shame because l, for one, have had my gardens transformed by plant and seed gifts from DGers and have made several face to face friends who I'm still in touch with.

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