What\'s going on with him?

San Tan Valley, AZ(Zone 9a)

I planted this Phoenix sylvestris 'Robusta' from seed about 8 years ago and it has grown about 7 or 8 feet of trunk. This summer I noticed that several fronds from the top were dead and pulled out easily. Now the top has started to lean off to one direction as it continues to grow. There are no signs of pests and the palm appears healthy otherwise. Any idea what may be going on. I have seen some other palms in the area doing the same thing over the last year. They also continue to grow and look healthy other than the leaning top.

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Sumterville, FL(Zone 9a)

sounds like bud rot check out this web site very useful www.flrec.ifas.ufl.edu/palmprod/palm-problems-key/

San Tan Valley, AZ(Zone 9a)

Turned out to be frost damage. I ended up cutting off all the fronds to keep it from growing sideways. You can see that process here: https://www.facebook.com/santanvalleypalms/posts/1043944458987246

It has made a full recovery: https://www.facebook.com/santanvalleypalms/photos/a.660210694027293.1073741827.565456893502674/1341355512579471/?type=3&theater

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