Cycad/ Sago Palm blocking window.

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Hello all,
I'm presently in Austin, TX rehabbing a house and haven't worked with a Cycad before.

1st pic:
The Cycad is blocking the window. I know how to trim this normally, but not when taking the window into account. The trunk is 30" tall. The window is about 50" from the ground so about 18" clearance without taking the leaves into account. How would you handle trimming/pruning this Cycad? I want it to look nice. Owner is very picky.

2nd pic:
Would you remove the younger cycads in this scenario when they grow under a larger one? Probably too big to transplant?

3rd pic:
This Cycads trunk is 6' tall. Should I trim the leaves most of the way to the top like a shorter one?

Any tips on trimming the leaves that overhang the sidewalk for the best presentation?

I just counted 26 Cycads around the house so i have a bit of trimming to do.


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Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

In the first pic, other than trimming them up quite high, I don't see any other way to open that window up other than removing the plant, which I doubt the owner wants. ;).
With the second one, you can remove the pups. It'll be a pain in the butt, but (HA!), it can be done. There should be plenty of roots, but if you can't get them out with roots,what has worked for me is putting root tone on the base, put in a pot and after a couple of months, roots grew.
With the third, I would start trimming the longest fronds away from the sidewalk, working back into the plant. It looks like there are enough fronds that it will still look full even with the ones covering the sidewalk removed. Since the lower fronds on the biggest part are a bit tattered, I think it would look best with them removed. It will then have less of a "blob" look also.
Good luck and remember to wear leather gloves!!

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