Something to be cheerfull about...

cambridge md, MD(Zone 7a)

Even that the weather is rather gloomy we must have something to be cheerful about like something blooming somewhere or everywhere in the house . Here is what's blooming in mine. What is blooming in yours?

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Boy those are very pretty. Don't have any pics from the house right now but the GH is stuffed full and something is always ready to bloom down there. Right now we have about 5 or 6 different orchids putting out bloom spikes. When they bloom we bring them up to the house so we can enjoy them. A couple of the Broms are going to bloom soon and the dwarf Amaryllis has a bloom coming on. Here are a couple of pics from the GH

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I had a lot of Amaryllis most of them have already bloomed I have one Dwarf Amaryllis that is going to bloom soon and one more standard Amaryllis that is putting up a second bloom spike. Here is the bowl that bloom a few weeks ago.
Have you visited the site yet? You will find all of us there and plenty of plant discussions going on.

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Lots of good things going on here - you should come back more often...

cambridge md, MD(Zone 7a)

Hollyanns, I do not have a greenhouse I only have a sun room on one side of my house where I seem to spend my life. The other room is a den where I have my fireplace and where I have mostly African violets and Phaphiopedilums. Few years ago a friend of mine moved to Wisconsin and give me a bunch of amarillis, I already have quite a few myself, now I am overwhelmed. I leave them outside almost to the first frost which is most of the time in November this way instead of blooming at Christmastime they bloom in February and March and bloom about the same time as the orchids. I also have a whole collection of tropical plants that have to go outside in the spring like white ginger which I love and an Hollandia that bloom all summer long.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Even with the GH I have a lot of plants inside. We have a great room, living, dining, kitchen all in one big room. It is passive solar and has 18ft of floor to ceiling glass. With a tile covered concrete slab to collect and hold the heat a great place to put plants and you don't have to be too careful when watering. I have a lot of large tropical plants in large containers and the annual migration out and back into the GH is getting to be a chore.

cambridge md, MD(Zone 7a)

This sounds great Both of the addition have only 12 ft from floor to ceiling at the apex . I also have a ceramic floor on concrete and glass all around . We too have the spring and fall migration to the outdoors, mostly in the back yard where it is semi shade which is good fro my orchids. But the room that we use the most is the sun room, that's where we eat dinner breakfast and so on also where I keep my computer and where I work, The room also give me a great view in the backyard and the bird feeder ..... have a nice day fot to go doctoc appointment for husband

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