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Moving cutting out of hydroton?

Lakeland, FL(Zone 10a)

I managed to get a rare fig cutting to root in hydroton. It has a great root mass forming but am not sure what to do now. I suppose I should wait until some vegatative growth starts, but how do I get it out of the hydroton and into a regular media without damaging the roots? What should I be adding to the water as a fertilizer while in the hydroton? This Ficus cutting was a chore, took years to get one to root out of dozens, and want too make sure I don't mess it up. Any help would be appreciated. It is a tropical Ficus, not an edible one.


Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

Hi popper-
Since no one else has answered, I will give it a try.
I think a bit of root damage is going to happen and I wouldn't worry too much about it. If the roots are really intertwined with the hydroton balls, I would just leave the stuck ones in the root mass and transplant them too!
In terms of fertilizing, hydroton is basically a kind of hydroponics, so you need some kind of dilute but complete fertilizer. I use Foliage-Pro, which has instructions on the bottle. It's kind of pricey, but you don't need much, and you have a precious plant.
Could you share a photo with us?

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