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Missing posts

Thomaston, CT

What happened to our Review of 2015 garden posts?

(Zone 5a)

I noticed this on the main forum page. With the latest "bug", the wonky date, if it is not the first post of a thread, it gets bumped back to the oldest page of the forum. This is happening all over. Also, once a thread has more than one page, instead of being at the end of the thread, these oddly dated posts actually go to the beginning.

No admins have responded to the issue, yet.

Algonquin, IL(Zone 5a)

Here is the link to the thread you're looking for. You'll find it on page 93 of the Northeast Gardening forum because the date of -0001 is the beginning of time.

Be aware if you post, your post will be at the top of the first page (also because of the date). You might want to let your fellow Northeast Gardeners know.

(Zone 5a)

Thank you for linking, nuts. I was super tired that day. I reread some d-mails I wrote and oh... Thankfully most understood me.

Nuts, you described the current issue very well on the Update from Internet Brands thread. I don't feel comfortable copying others so I will just link to it for people to read. :)

I wish it would go to the post directly on that thread instead of it's own page, but the link to that can be clicked near the top.

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