My Morning Glory, and Cherry tree blooming!

Gautier, MS

Just wanted to see if I could start a new thread since the other is messing up! Azaleas bloom too, but only a few.

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Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

I posted here in the wee hours but again, its not here.
3-6-16 1123 am

Gautier, MS

Well Jackie, it finally showed up. For how long it's still questionable.

Worked on my yard pulling some nasty brier vines along part of my backyard fence. I hate these thorny vines with a passion. I'm worn out.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Glad you got some clean-up done Helena. It gets harder and harder for me to
do any weed pulling and pruning. Then I;m just shot for days and can't do anything. We have up to 7 inches of rain coming Tues thru Friday so going to hold off raking lvs, weeds and dead wood out of my pandy space.
At least anything on the ground will help keep pandys roots and big tubers friom
sitting in so much water.

My Camellia 1st 2
Looking Glass Begonia, still a baby and
unknown white blooming cane on the right,This one will be good size
Thunbergia between the 2 Begonia's.
Dark lvd Oxalis
MG 2013

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Gautier, MS

Pretty Camellias, Thunbergia, morning glory blooms Jackie. Nice begonias and Oxalis plants. I lost my begonia plant last year but lots of other plants have survived the winter outside this year.
I'm going to have to take a brake from the work I did yesterday too, the weeds are just impossible to keep up. We might get rain the rest of the week too.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks Helena, I see I sent my pics here \by mistake. Oh well, with disappearing threads, it doesn;t take much to get me confused.

Gautier, MS

That's ok Jackie, same here. The threads disappear for me too until someone else posts.

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