Thinking of starting a garden design business

Fern Park, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi DGers! I'm glad to be back on here. I took a few years off..just busy with the rat race and had to set a lot of fun things aside. Anyway, I was wondering if I could get some input/advice/reaction to an idea I have to start a local garden design/consultation company. I want to focus on the design/consultation and offer bed maintenance/clean-up and installation...just no mowing/lawn care. I also want to offer a specialization in organic gardening, growing vegetables/fruits, and native plant/butterfly gardens. I imagine my customers would be people who want to get into gardening or want to grow some veggies but just don't have the knowledge and don't want to "learn the hard way" (i.e. kill a bunch of expensive plants). My competition would be landscaping companies that offer design/installation, but their primary focus is usually on turf management/maintenance. The other competition is landscape architects, but I think they do more large-scale projects like big parks, commercial sites, etc. I want to serve the average homeowner who wants a veggie or herb garden or wants a unique and interesting/custom/personalized garden design vs. a boring row of the same plants that you'd see in a highway median.

Has anyone done this sort of business before or know of someone who has? Any advice/ideas/suggestions? I don't care about getting rich, but I wonder if I could make a living doing this.

A little about my background...I've been hobby-gardening for a decade...including veggie/fruit gardening, container gardening, native plant/butterfly gardening, orchids, seed starting, ornamental gardens, and more. I have a 4-yr degree in environmental science which included lots of botany/environment classes/internships. I recently decided to go back to school for a 2-year degree in horticulture and landscape design, which I'm starting this summer. I've designed gardens on Fiverr and also for several friends/family over the years, and it's my true love and passion!

Thanks in advance for any input - good or bad! Honestly! :)

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