Is this a black beauty mulberry ? Or some other kind of mulberry tree

San Jose, CA

I got this mulberry over a year ago from Willis orchards to attract and feed birds and wildlife . When I got the tree it was over 6 feet tall and in over a year it has grown to over 11 feet high. Now it had over hundreds of flowers on it but almost all have since fallen off. It is supposed to be a black beauty mulberry growing to only 15 feet with about 1 inch long berries and self fertile. But it's looking like some kind of a male mulberry variety instead I don't know. Here are some pictures. Does anyone maybe have a black beauty mulberry and can help me if this is or isn't one and if i possibly received rhe wrong kind of tree? Also I though black beauty fruits in summer but this one now in early March is almost finished with all its flowers most have already fallen off. READ LESS

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Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Black Mulberrries have a limited range where they will grow, although I think you are in it. I have never actually seen one as they do not grow here. My understanding is that they are called Black-White-Red not based on the color of the berry, but on the color of the blossom/catkin. The large size catkins in photo do seem like a Black one, but the color is more like a White or Red/White hybrid. White Mulberries are considered a trash tree here because they do grow like weeds. But the birds and I are fond of them. Does it have Mitten or Teddybear shaped leaves? That is also typical of a white or white hybrid.

Gainesville, FL

Long straight canes signify Morus alba. I had been in communication with Jay Young of Willis Orchard about selling incorrect plants (not just mulberry). He claims that if it has a black berry, it is Morus nigra (which is, of course, not true). I can verify your plant by microscopic examination of it's nuclei, if you like (entails mailing me a leaf). Black Mulberry (Morus nigra) has eleven times the DNA in it's nucleus as Morus alba or Morus rubra. I feel also that Willis grows seedling trees (other that by cuttings), because why would anyone knowingly propagate fruit trees with male characteristics (those are male catkins on your tree). I bought a similar tree from Willis in 2009. It only produces a dozen or so poor quality fruit each year.

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