Can't stand it anymore-- I changed my ISP.

Kylertown, PA(Zone 5b)

This Horro business and the daily dose of SPAM I had been receiving finally pushed me over the edge, and I signed up for a different ISP. Then I signed up with Hotmail, as I believe they provide better spam control than Outlook Express, and that is what I will be using to post on any forums from now on.

I had my main e-mail address for many years also, but I am quite relieved to know that I will not be getting any more of these e-mails. It was worth changing, in my opinion.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Inda,
I use Hotmail for email since they do have better spam and filtering controls than most email programs. Horro, for instance, made it to my Hotmail email but when opening it, the picture never opened (thank goodness) and nothing took over my computer. All that I received were the headers, which I happily forwarded to higher authorities. My suggestion is to avoid Outlook Express for email because it seems to be the most vulnerable of programs when [deleted] like this hits.

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