My Morning Glory Seeds are not growing . . . .

Toms River, NJ(Zone 7a)

I planted Morning glory seeds, and they are not coming up.
I planed them indoors in peat pots about one-week ago, and am
still waiting for them to germinate and grow. Does anyone know what
the problem could be ? What have I done wrong ?

Gautier, MS

Hi, did you soak the seeds for 7 to 24 hours? Usually they will swell up a bit after soaking. I get faster germination by nicking the seeds (just a tiny nick with nail clippers) then soaking overnight. Fresh seeds germinate faster than my older seeds. Hope this helps.

Forgot to say that I haven't noticed any of my wild little red-orange mgs sprouting outside. Usually they are the first to sprout outside when the soil is warm enough and after rains.
Purpureas are hardier for starting outside, Ipomoeas nil like it a lot warmer and maybe do better starting inside. I do start mine inside under lights, then placing them inside my greenhouse.

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