Trade Vegetable And Herb Seeds With Me

North Lewisburg, OH

Hello!! I've Started Germinating My Seeds For Our Upcoming First Vegetable Garden At Our New House!! I'm Looking To Trade For Any Edibles That Are Not On This List To Add To Our Garden. Different Varieties Welcome!!

*Rio Grande Tomato
*Green Pepper
*Large Cherry Tomato
*Prizehead Lettuce
*Another Lettuce-(I Will Have To Look Up Exact Name On Package In The Morning)
*Sweet Corn
*Jack O Lantern Pumpkins
*White Lisbon Onion
*Garden Beans
*Mustard Spinach
*Butternut Squash

I Can Look Up Exact Names On The Packages, If You Send Me D-Mail. Let Me Know What You Are Interested In, And What You Have To Trade :)

(All Were Purchased In Packets At The Store. These Are The Ones I Don't Need.)

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