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BIG cat incident

(Zone 7a)

My daughter called me about 10 PM last night and wanted me to listen to what had come up on their porch. I heard this terrible growling and howling. It was definitely feline and very large. I could tell this over the phone and through the closed window. She didn't exactly know what to do...they live way out in the boonies. I told her NOT to go outside. The game warden lives down the road so she called him to come see about it...his truck with the spotlights was in the shop, so he couldn't spot it. It didn't come back last night, but they said they spotted eyes glowing orange tonight. Big eyes. Any ideas of getting rid of unwanted wild life? This is kind of scary as there are cougars here.

It's probably coming close for a food source' Keep lids on your trash tight and far away from the house' It may also be trying to get a pet of hers' Is there pet dishes outside to tempt wild animals? I would install some motion lights(sensored) This is what we had to do to keep the coyotes away from our home,boonies here too' Hope this helps and keep us posted' Don't go out after dark either,too risky or else carry a light/gun' Good luck,Sis'

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

There are also motion-activated sprinklers which hook up to hoses. Good luck - let us know how things go!

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Scary Lantana!! I wonder if the animal was in pain with all that howling!! Great advice from the gals here!!

Lorain, OH(Zone 5b)

I take fire crackers with me when I go camping at my Uncle Daniel's, I go way back in the woods and have had Cayotes, and Black bears come into camp. I had a real bad experience with the cayotes, some came right up to the tent in the middle of the night, my DH shot at them and I threw some fire crackers, they ran off. I moved the camp to the hill where the bear lives to avoid the cayotes, they are very aggressive but generally they will not go into Bear territory. The bear is easier to deal with, and usually avoids humans, we use a couple of methods: (don't laugh) the guys mark a perimeter by urinating on trees 200 to 300 ft out, the bear is a female w/3 cubs and we've seen her tracks, she usually skirts the perimeter. I keep all the food in sealed bear-proof containers, but this summer, the cubs (2 year olds) decided to check-out the grill, somebody left some meat on it. When we came back from visiting the neighbors that evening they had done some minor vandalisim, and were just up the trail, I threw a few firecrackers in thier direction, and we didn't see them the rest of the weekend. I'm a very good shot and always take a gun, but would hate to kill a bear. Plus my Uncle would never allow me to camp there again, he says that those bears are under his protection, and had the local universaty put radio collars on them, they did this 'cause she had triplets which is rare. We also build big fires and use the chainsaw alot and play the radio in the evenings, animals don't like loud noises. And this is something that Uncle Daniel taught us females when we were becoming young women, "When you are mensturating clean yourself up real well, like with baby wipes, and BURN do not bury, the tampons or pads and wipes" They don't teach you that in Girl Scouts!! LOL So I would try it all: Motion detectors on the lights and water, loud music, human male pee in a perimeter, and I'd check the garbage cans for food or female effects, and I'd buy some firecrackers, I'd even consider a small, well contained fire near the house. I know that this sounds like overkill, but better safe than sorry.

Pittsburgh, PA

However did this story play out???

Loysville, PA(Zone 6a)

I want to know about this outcome also....i feel like i just watched one of those movies that let you hanging. Please let us know.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

none of these people are members any longer so you will probably never know what happened unless the original thread starter returns. it was 12 yrs. ago.

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