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Sussex, United Kingdom

Does anyone know what spider this is. I found it on my garden fence yesterday. Not seen one before.

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Minot, ND

This is a comb-footed/cobweb spider in the genus Steatoda. Some members of this genus are known as 'false widow' spiders and have generated a bit of notoriety in the lay press. Some can have a very painful bite (personal experience), but they are not truly dangerous to humans. See http://www.uksafari.com/steatodagrossa.htm for more information.

Sussex, United Kingdom

Thanks flap. Much appreciated. Your confident that's what it is. We have a 15 month baby so will be careful. But happy not to much to worry about.

Minot, ND

Best to be watchful with such a young one, as they are apt to pick up anything they find interesting - that's how I got bitten. Fortunately, these spiders are not aggressive toward humans, so about the only way to get bitten by one is to pick one of them up...

Sussex, United Kingdom

Hi flap. When you say some genus are known as false widow. What's genus and does it mean this is a false widow.

Sussex, United Kingdom

And it's back again. Is it def a false widow

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Minot, ND

A genus is the next taxonomic category above species. The genus Steatoda contains several species, including S. bipunctata, S. grossa, S. nobilis, S. triangulosa, etc. Not all members of this genus are referred to as 'false widows'...
Family is the next taxonomic category above genus; the genus Steatoda belongs to the family Theridiidae (comb-footed/cobweb spiders), which also includes the true widow spiders in the genus Latrodectus.

Your spider picture looks very similar to a spider living in my shed. Is this also a false widow? I live in Dublin, Ireland and haven't seen a spider like this before..

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Minot, ND

Definitely a Steatoda; possibly S. bipunctata - http://flickriver.com/photos/micks-wildlife-macros/5477088793/

Thanks Flapdoodle.

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