Bird with Window OCD

Westbrook, CT(Zone 6a)

      For the past week a demented robin has been attacking the windows in my plant room each morning. Doesn't matter if its the east, south or west side or whether the window has plants, hanging planters or is empty. It's really persistent. Today it has been at it for 45 minutes, pecking on one window, resting in a nearby bush for 15 seconds, then trying another window. Maybe it doesn't like it's reflection and thinks another window will be better.

     Soap streaks across the pane, waving at it, etc. doesn't deter it. I need the light for growing plants so a window treatment like CollideEscape isn't viable. I guess I'll just have to ignore it. It can't be hurting the bird since it comes back every day. I just hope it's window obsession makes it forget about sex so it doesn't pass on its disturbed genes to the next generation.

Thomaston, CT

Roast of robin? He's too pesty to live! Maybe a gel sticker on each window will deter him...they peel off very easily.....

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