Growing Flowers for a Wedding in Ohio

Richwood, OH

My son's fiance is a fantastic, dynamic young woman, and I love her dearly. The wedding is to take place next Summer 2017. She wants to do most her own flower arrangements and she has asked me to grow as much as I can. I have agreed to try. I am going to do a test run this year. She is thinking white, and some green blooms. I am in central Ohio. I have ordered Zinnia, Baby's Breath seeds along with Ranunculus, Dahlia and Calla Lily tubers. I would like to order Hydrangea, maybe Limelight, but I don't know how realistic it would be to expect enough flowers next July. My garden the last few years has been dedicated to vegatables with the exception of about 125 tidal Wave Petunias I have started under lights every year, so I will need some help from you good people. To start with...Any thoughts? Besides "Is she Crazy?" I figure whatever grows well for me this year is what I will stick with next year. The Hydrangea has me stumped. Thank You

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

For Hydrangeas, you would have to plant blooming sized plants now in order to ensure you have a shot at having adequate flowers next summer. Limelight is only one choice. You could plant many other selections of H. paniculata too, as well as most any of the H. arborescens types and the H. quercifolia types. Trick is to harvest the flowers while they are still greenish or whitish, and before they start their transition to pinkish/reddish/tannish.

And you have to match up the expected bloom times with the wedding date. Aye, there's the rub.

I am no help on the herbaceous stuff.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Is she not a fan of something more predictably reliable? Roses, daisies, straw flowes, gaillardia, obedient plant maybe? Ihave done some arrangements and used northern sea oats as an accent plant. They are nice and showy, fresh or dried.
As viburnumvalley says, a lot depends on when in summer the wedding will take place. Good luck!

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

I know this isn't what you asked, but 'The Flower Man' who sells in the Dayton and Columbus areas will order box lots of cut flowers for bride's to make their own centerpieces and bouquets. These could supplement your garden flowers. Also, Kroger will order boxes of flowers for brides to do their own bouquets. And there is another bulk supplier online called Fifty Flowers that many brides use. There are several hydrangea suppliers online who offer a wide variety for blooms through the summer. FYI Right now I have a PG Paniculata Grandiflora hydrangea in bloom.

Also, FYI fairly reliable summer bloomers in my garden are daisies, salvias. Ammi is easy to grow and in fashion for 'rustic' bridal bouquets (looks like Queen Anne's Lace) and bells of ireland. If you succession plant zinnias (they come in green and white as well as the usual zinnia colors) they will combine with these. White and green caladiums are popular with brides now and easy to grow. Also they are using a lot of succulents.

All kinds of floribunda roses are pretty prolific through the summer. Lilies would work with the roses. Also fox gloves and phlox if it's a late June-ish wedding. Then there are various thistles that are popular now with brides.

Just a few daughter just got married a few months ago and i have looked at hundreds of bouquets online (Pinterest). You have a fun project ahead. Keep us posted! And good luck!

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