Help please! Lots of plants.

Hampstead, NC

Hello, I bought a house in November and the previous owner was a obvious gardener. I'm trying my hardest to keep everything alive and going but I can't figure out what some things are. Please help me identify these plants. The first 2 photos are the same plant. One is what was sticking out of the ground and the second is the bulb that came up when I pulled the plant thinking it was a weed. The next 2 photos are also the same plant just a close up picture and far away picture. The last photo is separate. I have more plants I need help identifying but I can only upload 5 photos. Thanks in advance!

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Groveland, FL

The 1st two pictures could be Florida Betony. The 3rd and 4th look like Asparagus.

(Zone 6b)

I agree - the third and fourth are certainly asparagus! You hit the jackpot. :)

Hampstead, NC

I did get very lucky! There are also strawberries and lots of spices around the corner. No one knows what the 5th picture is?

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(Zone 6b)

My best guess is lemongrass?

Waldorf, MD

Agree, definitely aspagus on the 4th pic. Harvest when its 6-8" in height and has the diameter of a pencil. Best sauteed or lightly grilled - Indeed a jackpot. 5th looks like a lemon grass or pandan which is used in flavoring asian dishes or putting on top of rice while its steaming for a wonderful aroma.

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