Suggestions for Dripping Raised Bed?

Whittier, CA

Hi, I'm replacing the irrigation in my three raised beds (one bed shown here, but they are all identical). The irrigation runs on a RainBird control system, which connects to each bed below the soil surface, where that white PVC pipe is. I dug out about 60% of the soil in this picture.)

I want to grow three lines of row crops in each bed, as I illustrated using the blue lines in picture #1, and I want to use above-the-soil drip as opposed to the old system that was used here (as seen in the pictures), which wasted lots of water and was faulty.

I've never installed drip irrigation before, so I have two questions:

1. What kind of tubing should I get (there are so many different styles and brands)? I'm assuming I'll need 3 end-caps (one for each row) and a manual tubing punch, too?

2. What equipment part(s) do I need to bring water up from the PVC pipe and then across the top, through three individual drip lines?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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