Help, please. Did I mess up tomato?

Forest Park, GA(Zone 7a)

I bought two tomato plants, one Cherokee purple and one Roma grape. Without thinking, I came home and planted them. They were growing in peat pots. The instruction said to plant the whole pot. Last year I laid the stem down, as I had read you were supposed to do. I had a very late yield of one tomato on the Cherokee purple and only a few tomatoes on the grape (of a different variety). I had attributed that to planting late. This year I was so anxious to get them in the ground on time I planted them before the last frost, knowing that I had plastic. I must say that presently, my Roma grape tomato has more tomatoes on it now than it did the entire summer of last year. My Cherokee purple is looking good and it has a blossoms possibly 12 already. I'm just checking because if I have to repot it's not too hot in Georgia yet.

Any guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

If you're getting fruit, it sounds like everything is okay.

Forest Park, GA(Zone 7a)

Thank you! I can relax now. On to the next issue.

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Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

Cherokee Purple is one of the best tasting tomatoes ever !
I stopped to grow this variety because it never did produce a lot. Maybe 6 fruits max for plant ... but it did taste really good.
Do not be upset if you will have less tomatoes ... or maybe you will get lucky !
In this picture Cherokee Purple is the larger/darker one

Happy gardening !

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