Decatur, GA

I have moved all my plants out to the porch for the summer. Here is part of the set up I have for mostly caudiciforms. The cactus and Euphorbias are on the other side of the porch. Unfortunately the wire shelf collapsed after about of week of moving the plants outside. Surprisingly not too much damage though some gots some superficial scapes and one had a few broken arms. I think they started to grow and draw water in and the weight increased significantly. Also the little plastic brackets don't hold up under the UV light and fail easily.
But now the shelf is secured with metal brackets and screws so I feel confident it will hold. The benches are a result of my curbside shopping several years ago and have proved very useful.
Some of the pachypodiums are starting to make buds. Later on I'll post pictures of their flowers. I am waiting for the Adeniums (Desert Rose) to wake up and get busy growing and flowering but they always take longer.

Thumbnail by helenchild
Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

I like your porch. I know how much work it must be to get them all out there, I am going to put mine outside in a few weeks, it still gets quite chilly here at night although the days have been lovely. My only Adenium is growing strongly and even flowering, interesting that yours are not awake yet down there in steamy GA.

Menasha, WI

helenchild, The plants look great! I'd love to be able to move mine out, to cold and wet yet. I'll take pictures when they are all outside. cll

Decatur, GA

cll, yes, please post pictures.

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