Decatur, GA

My eggplants have gotten the flea-bitten look. Its been happening since I started growing eggplants, about 4 years now. The eggplants themselves will get little superficial pock marks too that don't effect the inside.
I have inspected the plants many times and have yet to find the culprit doing the damage. The plants thrive and don't seem to be effected other than the little holes.
Anyone know what might be doing this damage? I doubt I would use any chemicals but just wondering what might be causing the problem. I do have and will use diatomaceous earth if it would help. Thanks.

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Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Looks like flea beetle damage. Eggplants are one of their favorites. While they can kill a young eggplant seedling, mature plants usuall tolerate the damage. Here in Georgia, flea beetle numbers decrease with rising temps. Seldom a problem by June.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Since eggplants are self fertile you can spray with an organic such as neem and net with inexpensive tulle. Flea beetles seem partial to tomatillos too. They don't diminish with heat as much in a small space garden with surrounding grass and trees as they do in exposed fields. I have to keep mine netted most of the summer.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Yeah, I agree with Laurel. The tulle really helps.

Decatur, GA

Thanks for the information.

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

agreed about it being flea beetles, seems that they found mine nearly the moment i planted them out, lol. i usually go on a daily "pick and smush" patrol with mine, lol. only real problem i had last year was that the fruits would look ok from the outside, but all brown and gross on the inside

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