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A newbie just saying hi...

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

...and glad to have found this place. I wanted some plant IDs and the place I used to use ( seems to be there but I can't get where I used to go and the navigation doesn't seem to be working.

I just moved in Oct. from upstate NY to Stn Mtn GA and have plants around I don't know. I'm more used to wildflowers, other than what to me are obvious rose bushes (they were beautiful, wish I had snapped some pics), hydrangeas (YEAH, they're blue!), and an iris bed that isn't doing all that well...but I did get some.

This site seems to be funky slow sometimes (typing). Or is it just me? (Worried a bit about my computer). Actually, it seems to maybe be ads loading? But wow, it just froze my computer.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 7a)

Hi - You can go into your Preferences setting and turn off the ads.

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

Thx muchly!

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

Well...I turned off all the ads...but when I try to post I often get this miserable video ad that refuses to run right and keeps freezing everything! I'm really ticked if I can't get THAT to stop...

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