Newbie with some \"issues\"

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

These ads are driving my computer nuts and I think I selected NOT to get them but this video ad that won't run right keeps freezing my computer. If I can't get it to stop I'll have to leave this website. I'm not going to continue to fight with it.

But in the meantime, I wanted to ask some questions about a rose bush but many of the forums are unavailable to non-subscribers. Short of subscribing, which I'm not about to do if this site runs this badly!, any suggestions where to post? I'm curious about new popup growth and a book I read that mentioned runners and new varieties from them? Roses and Propagation are blocked to me.

Ah, perhaps eliminating ads is a subscribers only feature??? One way to get subscribers is to continually run an ad that drives computers nuts that can't be stopped except by subscribing, yes? Hmmm...

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Have you tried going into Preferences and turning off the ads?

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

Yes...assume unchecking turns them they were checked when I arrived there. But now I think you must be subscribed to actually make that work. But am reluctant to spend $20 to find out if it will work then...

(Zone 5a)

I have a real good Adblocker with Firefox that hides all the ads here. I once tried a different browser when I had troubles and even though I am a paying subscriber, I sure got an eyeful! I tried unchecking, but at far as I know, it did not do anything.

About the forums, there is just not a lot of activity in them regardless if they are free or subscriber only. I posted a question in the Pest and Disease forum... nothing. A couple of days later tried Ask a Dave's Gardener and still nothing. My interest is in US native plants so i cannot help you. Maybe wait a day or so and try the Beginner Gardener forum if no one replies here. I am tempted to use it, but cringe at the idea of posting one question in three different forums here.

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

Good to meet you chillybean. I was more into wildflowers as well. But am now in the suburbs...and in a dramatically different climate/state/etc. I miss all my favorites that I could try to go grab and cultivate. I had lots of stuff.

I'll try something with the roses...somewhere. I can't seem to find the book in my book list...I need to check further. But it mentioned that roses, especially older varieties, can send runners underground...and come up with something different. The two pics I took, though the first is a bloom not at its best, SHOULD come from the same plant (1st pic is main plant, 2nd is offshoot) the second is obviously an offshoot. But they look decidedly different, including the color. I was blown away to find it stuck in behind and mostly INSIDE my hydrangea! I want to rescue it...but I'm afraid of destroying it. It really looks like the flowers would be gorgeous...and it's NOT a small plant. There are also some other small, then really tiny other offshoots I will not disturb for now...waiting to see what they "become".

It was a fascinating story...and I thought a fantasy...but maybe not...

And, lovely little bird there...not quite sure what he is.
And found the's the listing at Amazon:

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Your ad annoyance is the price of the proverbial "free lunch". There are numerous fora where guidance and participation have been lost due to changes in ownership, changes in membership or changes in relationship(s) have been in effect. It's on you as to whether twenty bucks is worth supporting an extant site or not. I hope so though I don't grow roses. Maybe we have another interest elsewhere.

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

Unfortunately MaypopLaurel, it's more than an annoyance. It stops me cold and my computer freezes. That's more than an annoyance in my book. And if it's true, as Chillybean says, that subscribing will NOT stop it, it's a valid question as to whether or not to subscribe. Honestly, I've been having fun and may anyway. But...his statement that most fora are not very active is a bit troubling. Guess, in that case, I'd have to try to stick my posts in elsewhere and hope they get noticed...not something I like to post off topic...which I'm somewhat doing here. This is problems, not roses ;-) which the ads are for me.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I am somewhat lacking in expertise in re: Chilly's response as to blocking ads while knowing that subscribing for the last eight or so years has allowed me to opt out.

Yes it is true that fora have slowed (sometimes to a screeching halt). There have been troubled times and troubled waters remain. You'll have to decide if you maybe have something to offer up. There are certainly a shortage of experts these days but lots of friendly folks willing to share.

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