Your favorite *compact* clematis

(Zone 4b)

birder17 is looking for one of 'our' favorite clems. I too am in the market for a couple of clematis (to replace two that have not appeared this spring).

But in my situation both will be planted under an obelisk so I want it to be compact (but climbing).

We already have Piilu, Pink Fantasy, Tie Dye and Cezanne under obelisks on our property.

Do you have a floriferous, vigorous (hardy) but compact clematis that you are impressed with?

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Pittsburgh, PA

Arabella is a favorite of mine. It blooms all summer for me, where it grows up a trellis.

This is what Brushwood nursery says about it: Clematis Arabella is a beautiful new hybrid with the herbaceous scrambling habit of integrifolia but with large, upturned flowers. The blooms appear constantly all summer and begin a deep blue-mauve color fading to a pale blue. While only 3.5 inches across, their everblooming nature makes this a must-have Clematis! Works trained on a trellis, in a patio container or allowed to ramble in your border! Just cut it back near the ground in winter and it happily springs back every year for another show. Most clematis, like Arabella have a light weight structure and can grow atop or through other plants without harm.

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(Zone 4b)

Thanks for the post. I too often pot before giving all information and this is no exception. I have probably 5 "Arabella" scattered throughout our gardens...a great clematis for sure. All of mine are allowed to scrabble about ie no formal support.

Btw, I decided to go with "Rooguchi". I know it isn't a climber but its unique flowers will be a worthwhile addition to our garden.

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

I always stop and look at the 'Rooguchi" photos, love that flower.

(Zone 4b)

Quote from Pistil :
I always stop and look at the 'Rooguchi" photos, love that flower.

Thanks Pistil. I tried to do a search on "Rooguchi" on DG and didnt find much :(.

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