question about high altitude gardening

Fort Davis, TX

I am having trouble getting some xeric plants to grow at high altitude. We live in the Davis Mts in Far West Texas, just below 6,000 ft elevation. In a nearby town, about 4,300 ft elevation but same approximate annual rainfall and temperature, some things grow and bloom like crazy untended in vacant lots, and I can't get them to even get started. The only difference I know of is the altitude. Does altitude alone affect plant growth? Specific examples are bird of paradise and palo verde. Any advice would be appreciated.

Denver, CO

What kinds of plants are you trying? Generally “xeric “ plants may need a longer, hotter summer than what you have. There are some great native plants in the Davis mountains regarded as “xeric “ and grown elsewhere in tougher places like Yucca rupicola and Agave havardiana.

Just altitude alone seems to have remarkably little effect on plant growth compared to the basics- light, nutrients, temperature...

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