Planting Rhurbarb

Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

I am trying to find out how deep to plant rhubarb. Some tell me don't plant too deep or you will kill it others say plant it deep like a 8-10 inches down. I have three large blubs or what ever you would call them. I love strawberry and rhubarb pie and have lots of strawberries so I thought I should start growing rhubarb. Also, what type of light and soil does it like. I know it takes a couple of years but I am hoping to plant it in the right spot so I don't have to move it.

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Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I have no experience with rhubarb. Sorry!

Tabor, SD(Zone 4b)

From the look of your roots, I would say just plant them so the top of the bulb is almost poking out of the dirt. Your root at the very right looks like it has a leaf trying to grow, so leave that out of the dirt. I have good luck planting them that way. I have mine in my back yard with trees on the east, so that the sun hits the rhubarb about mid-morning and it's sunny most of the day. They seem to like full sun. I have good soil but it does get moist back there if we have a lot of rain and they do just fine. I don't ever water it.

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