Wilting tomatoes

Tabor, SD(Zone 4b)

My Anna Russian tomatoes have a serious case of wilting. The other tomatoes in the next row are fine. They are on the inside row of my high tunnel and haven't been exposed to any kind of spray. They have been that way for at least a month if not longer. I can't find any kind of bugs, although there were some potato beetles on some of the other tomatoes. Is this a trait of this variety?? I feel and water them all the same. I have no idea what this is. Can someone give me some direction?

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Only my experience. I've not grown this one but it is an oxheart and I've grown oxhearts. They are late and not heat tolerant. They have wispy leaves that wilt though plants continue to grow and ultimately produce a fine crop. I find the large canning/paste tomatoes such as Pink Oxheart, Roman Stripe or the domestic heirloom, Sherrill's Watermelon are slow growing, wilty and late producing. But I do a lot of canning and am fond of the varieties and am growing POX and Sherrill's this year myself. Please update your results with this variety.

Tabor, SD(Zone 4b)

OK, thanks!! I think I will leave them and see what happens. This is the first time I have grown them so it is a learning experience for me. I was within a hairsbreath of yanking them out, but all the other varieties are fine. If it were some disease, I would think a few other tomatoes would be affected. It's just that the other ones are doing beautifully, and those three Anna Russians are pathetic looking.
Thanks for the advice. I will let you know how they do.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Yes, please let us know how they do. It could be a seed borne issue but I would have to let them grow and see how they do. : )

Toledo, OH(Zone 6a)

This may not have anything to do with your problem, but I had wilting tomatoes in one place I lived. Turned out they were planted too close to a black walnut tree which produces a toxin juglone which inhibits ability for the tomato plant to take up water. I did manage to keep the plants alive and they were very prolific (Moneymaker) but I had to water them constantly.

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

what do you guys think, if i could fry up the green tomatoes with blossom end rot on them if i chop off the rotted end, or does the rot simply not make the tomato any good anymore all together. If i can still use them i will stop tossing them down the hill as i find them, lol

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

That works. You can also make green tomato relish, green tomato salsa, or a simple green tomato refrigerator pickle using a brine and vinegar mix. Online recipes abound. I keep an old gallon container filled with vinegar brine on hand. When damaged produce such as cukes, peppers or toms happen, I wash and pack them in a clean jar, boil some solution and pour enough to cover. The pickle seens to last indefinitely if refrigerated but it is not safe to shelf can this way.

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

thanks, this crazy rain has been causing about 80% of my tomato fruit to get Blossom rot so far, argh! lol!

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