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Anyone use this product?

Saint Maries, ID

I got this water soluable fertilizer from our local garden center, called ELEANOR'S VF-11 FOR PLANTS. It's supposed to be for all plants, trees and vegetables. The instructions say to dissolve one ounce (2 tablespoons) in a gallon of water.

Has anyone used this? What kinds of results did you get? Any reviews of it on Dave's Garden?

Saint Maries, ID

How does this product compare with Miracle-Gro?

Anyone care to reply?

Saint Maries, ID

I guess nobody is going to answer me.

One would think that on a forum discussing container plants, there would be some interest in water-soluable plant foods. Just wanted to get some feedback on the particular brand I mentioned.

Oh, well ...

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

No experience with this product but what I read is that it is giberelic acid. Hope that helps.

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