\"Sunrise Serenade\" Cold Hardy to zone 5?

Woodland Hills, UT(Zone 5a)

I bought three "Sunrise Serenade" glories yesterday and the lady who owns the nursery told me that she had them in her yard and they come back every year.

Could this be true?

The glories I mostly know about are definitely annuals, (except the nightmarish "Field Bindweed" which always seems to make it's way back), but I only know Grandpa Ott and maybe a few other typical seeds that you find at a hardware store seed section.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Jefra, Sunrise Serenade is a purpurea like Grandpa ott and many others. It is entirely possible that it's coming back every yr from sds. Most of mine do. The seeds drop to the ground here, get covered by leaves in the fall and sprout the following late spring/
early summer. So most likely the nursery owners Sunrise Serenade vines are coming up from the dropped seeds. The sds can survive a wide fluctuation
in temps. Thats the reason I have purps coming up

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