horro etc virus?

Antrim, Northern Ire, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)

I spoke to and emailed most of my friends and relatives over the last few days. GUESS WHAT? none of them have received any of the horro variations.

I did a search on GW looking to see what they say and there are no links on there. so it looks like it is only a DG thing!!

I spoke to a 'net nerd I know. It's wrong to call him that but he knows most things there is to know about the 'net and how it works. he told me that horro and all the variations must work in the same way as a virus because of the way it makes your computer do something you dont want it to.

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Mark, there were some posts about the kiddie porn at GW (I saw them with my own eyes) but the posts have all been deleted for some strange reason.

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Just another note:What I'm wondering is if only the people that post at both places (GW and DG) are the ones affected.

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Mark, I just found some posts at GW about the porn spam. They're getting it, too. The names don't look familiar to me as posters here at DG. I know where the posts are and I'll go back to see if they stay. I suspect they'll be deleted like the rest of them. One poster even blamed GW. I'm sure they wiil be sent to disney.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

No.... this is not a DG problem - it's definitely targeting GW. There's been several strings on the subject in different forums but the beloved webmaster keeps removing them - because they don't apply to the forum topic. How dare anyone post a subject that doesn't pertain to the specified topic?

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Mark, if you do use a "Search all of GW" with the word "horro" you'll see four summary postings, which have probably been deleted (meaning if you click on the link you'll get an error message.) These are four DIFFERENT postings than what I saw a few days ago when I did the same search, so apparently ALL references to this problem - even the summaries - are being systematically eradicated from GW.

(Zone 9a)

It is most definitely targeted at GW. I only got them at the address I used strictly for GW.

I think the reason some of the people here are getting them is because our posts (w/email addys) are/were archived, so even though many of us are no longer posting there, our addys are accessible.


Hamilton Sq, NJ(Zone 6b)

This what I was told when it was reported. The FBI is on it now. You can also call local PD and they can investigate it. Some have already done that. But anyway they sent me this email back.

These e-mail addresses are used to send out large quantities of junk
mail and many times the e-mail addresses are fake or spoofed. Somehow
your e-mail address (and countless others) made it onto a mailing list
and many of the adult porn sites have access to those names. There are
several ways your e-mail address could have gotten onto one of these
mailing lists.

One of the ways people can obtain your e-mail address is by sending a
"cookie" into your c drive while you are navigating on the Internet.
Frequently when you enter commercial site, a cookie may be sent into
your hard drive. It is this cookie that captures your e-mail address and
makes it easier for people to target your e-mail account with
unsolicited e-mails and spam. It may be possible to change your
computer's preferences so that it will not accept "cookies" from
commercial web sites by pulling down your "Edit" tab and choosing
"Preferences". There should be an option, "Advanced", which will allow
you to change your computer's settings and either be warned before a
cookie is sent or to disable them entirely.

Another practical approach to your problem would be to invest in
filtering or blocking software. This type of software will filter your
e-mail so you can practically eliminate the pornographic junk mail.
Enough is Enough, an anti-pornography non-profit organization
(www.enough.org), has rated and ranked numerous software programs.
Lastly, Spam Patrol (www.fmp.com/spam_patrol) may offer some helpful
advice and resources to rid yourself of unsolicited e-mail. Conducting a
search on any search engine would reveal countless other resources as

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Hello everyone! I'm just back from some more of my computing lectures. I discussed our problem with them. My lecturer, Chris was the most helpful.

He says I should have a firewall installed. They're available online. A virus checker as well. With updates.

He also explained how these people work. They harvest information when we are online. So if you're online and on a site which has email addys you're going to be more vulnerable. Scrambling your screen-name with NOSPAM makes no difference at all to a determined spammer.

Dave has been really wonderful in all this. He has let us discuss the problem openly. This problem must be giving him more work. I posted quite a lot of information on this at that other site and it has all gone. I was trying to be helpful.

Down to concrete facts. My lecturer Chris and I looked at some Internet sites. Chris could see that DG is a properly organized and well-run legitimate website.

As for GardenWeb. When I keyed that in on the computer it wouldn't give me access to it. The college I was at tonight has a very good firewall system designed to protect users from undesirable sites. GardenWeb is, at the moment anyway, an undesirable site. Those firewalls check for adult content in sites. I've never seen a firewall come up before. I was a bit stunned.

That's it, in black and white. We're fine with Dave. I recommend him to my friends.

As for Spike. He'll have problems getting advertisers, good advertisers that is, if people knew his site was not wholesome.

My lecturer also set me up another email account. I'm going to be busy over this weekend getting things sorted out.

Finally, earlier today I posted information aboout that child pornography site to my ISP. Haven't heard anything so far.

In a way I'm relieved that firewall came up. It proves we weren't exaggerating.

Hope next week is less eventful.


Well, if it's any use in finding out where this stuff comes from, the only e-mail address I got them on was one I've been using at GW since about November, so it's been 'harvested' since then.

Antrim, Northern Ire, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)

I have a firewall which tells me everytime someone tries to gain access to my pc. I had to tell it not to ask me again as I was getting a hit every couple of minutes.

btw I use ZoneAlarm

Lyndeborough, NH

My server has every fire available, This guy still got

his guy also pinged off other servers to change the address
I added every one of his addies to my blocked message
and he still got thru. Because he changed addies every time he sent.


Kalama, WA(Zone 8b)

The only place Spike seems to be allowing any mention of this spam is on his 'computer help forum' on his 'that home site'. You can get to it through the garden web pages. Joy

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Also at the Ponds & Aquatic Plants forum. Scroll down to where it says "strange email".

Kalama, WA(Zone 8b)

There is still a thread about this spam on the GW seed exchange right now. Been there sense yesterday. Spike's day off?

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)


Olympia, WA

good one joy

although there is some negative light here on gardenweb, i wonder what people who regularly use gardenweb think. it couldn't be all that bad could it?

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

A couple of the posts (unless they've disappeared, too) seemed to be pretty disgruntled - some of the people are pretty convinced the mailing lists were harvested from GW.......one of the thread's in french, so perhaps someone who speaks the language can tell us what's being said "across the pond"????

Saint Helen, MI(Zone 5a)

Pete2 - They disapeared because spike deletes anything that he doen't like.

Northerner - I will keep this simple for all of myself included. GW leases server space if that server or server company has objectionable content then ALL of the sites are blocked. That does not mean that GW has porn on it.

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

GW sent up a firewall at my college Sari. That means that a portion, perhaps a very, very small part, has a content that may not be suitable for small children. Filters of various sorts can come into operation even in legitimate educational sites. It just means we have to be wary of what we put in our homes.

If there is a portion, even a small portion, which has an adult content, then it makes it more likely to attract undesirables.

Spike is now trying to improve the way in which members enter their postings so that emails are less accessible.

I had a reply from the Internet Watch Foundation. They say this does not fall within their remit. They're more interested in closing down websites than emailers, that's what they say. My ISP, Freeserve, has passed the buck too.

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

A "firewall" and an internet "filter" are two separate things. One is a security device, protecting your computer by sealing any open ports, and only allowing transmission of content over a secure port. The content of a site will not trigger a firewall. You can configure a firewall to block certain domains, or IP addresses, but it must be done manually.

An internet filter will block sites based on "keywords" that you tell it to block. THat is why its not very effective in most cases. And, it can also block legitimate sites quite often. Most commercially available internet filters are just darn useless in the real world.

For an example that I use often, suppose you buy auto parts online at a parts store called partsexpress.com. THen you decide that maybe your child is getting old enough to use the computer and youd better install some filtering softwear to protect him. Next time you go to buy a new air cleaner for the family wagon, you cannot access the partSEXpress.com site. Computers are just dumb things that do as they are told.

By combining an internet filter with a firewall, you get a dumb beast that might block GardenWeb because maybe it thought that plant sex was a forbidden topic, and it saw "propagation" was one of the terms used there. Or something equally ludicrous. GardenWeb, despite the idiot in charge, isn't running a porn site on the side that would necessitate blocking the gardenweb.com domain name.

Saint Helen, MI(Zone 5a)

Thanks Sunflower you said it much better than I did! :)

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Maybe I didn't really explain very well. A firewall did come up for GW. A warning screen came up with tables on it about adult topics, like lesbians. My lecturer told me I'd seen a firewall in operation. I couldn't get into the website at all, not any of it.I'll have another look at some of the online articles about computer security but my lecturer was definite it was a firewall.

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