SOLVED: Dracaena or Yucca?

Califon, NJ

I have had this plant for years and it's gotten quite large. Always treated as a yucca but now I'm thinking it might be a Dracaena. please help me ID ...if it is dracaena then Is it Draco , deremensis or something else?
thanks for looking
sorry for photos not being upright

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San Francisco, CA


Califon, NJ

Hi Vestia,
Thank you for your help. I get the feeling a lot of house plants are mislabeled with their true ID, and Just so I know for future reference, what was it that made your decision, the leaves or the trunk? again thank you!

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

I was finally getting used to sideways photos and you had to do that. My neck is sore, but I am glad you got an ID.
P.S. You can marked the thread solved in the upper left corner. Welcome to DG.

San Francisco, CA

The overall look of the plant is clearly consistent with Yucca, and does not look like any Dracaena species. The clinging leaf bases on the stem are white; most Draceana would age to black.
The leaves will likely have very fine teeth along the edges, they are capable of cutting skin when the leaves are strong.
I've been seeing and selling plants for more than 50 years, so sometimes a question like "leaves or stems" throws me. It is a good exercise to articulate differences.

Califon, NJ

thank you

Philadelphia, PA

I just came across this thread while searching for the same info.

I damaged mine by accidentally leaving it out while it rained for 2 straight days.

When I realized and brought it inside, all of its leaves were super droopy. Ive been letting it dry out ever since - (this was 2 months ago)

Since then, within that week, half of the spikes returned to their Mohawk positions and the other half have stayed bent over.

I bought it thinking it was a dracaena (Madagascar Dragon) tree. Now I found out it could be a yucca cane.

The plant is happy and healthy regardless for the most part but Id really like to know how to care for it properly.

Im scared to water it now. Lol

Any opinions would be appreciated!! 😀

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Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

I think I agree that it is a Yucca. I think your main concern is drainage, rather than watering. Leaving this out in the rain for days should not be a problem - IF THE POT DRAINS.

I would consider repotting it. Not a houseplant I am real familiar with, but what you describe speaks DRAINAGE to me.

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