Smells so wonderfully rotten!

Arlington, TX

Tiny but lovely.

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Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

Beautiful. I can smell it from here.

Ellington, CT

I just jumped into the Stapelia cult with both feet. I have quite a few now, mostly cuttings bought off of ebay, along with a few whole plants. I have them in a south facing window that juts out a bit from the house, I have Stapelia's. Piaranthus, Huernia, Echidnopsis, and will be looking to get some Duvalias as well.
I have them planted in both clay and plastic pots. Very easy to rot them if not careful.
Also I am looking to try and get stapelia seeds growing. Out of 24 seeds off ebay, only 2 sprouted...not so good, there was a third but it rotted. I have others planted and am getting a small heat mat to get the temps up a bit and maybe help with germination of other seeds.
I am not sure how old these seeds are that are coming from ebay auctions though I have my suspicions that they are not that fresh.
Has anyone tried to pre-soak stapelia seeds, and did you use anything besides just plain water to soak them in?

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