I really like \"Angelica Gigas\"

(Zone 4b)

I planted for the first time a couple of AG sometime in the summer of 2014. I didnt think much of them as nothing really happened that season. And for lots of 2015 I pretty much forgot about them given their isolated location and then all of a sudden, seemingly overnight they bloomed. I was so impressed. This spring I kept my eye out for any offspring given its biennial nature...I haven't noticed any :(. So to be sure of future flowers I planted 3 more (having obtained some healthy specimens from a nursery) .

I would love to hear of your experience with these cool plants. Maybe there are other umbellifers that you have as regulars in your garden?

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I've never heard of it! It looks pretty cool. I like it. I did a little research on it. It says it will grow in "heavy clay" and in the same article it says it needs good drainage. It also says it grows in shade. So hmmm, heavy clay and shade, but does it really? I've got some of those spots.
I sure haven't seen it around here locally. I'd have to grow it from seed. If it re-seeds for you, let us know.

Pequannock, NJ(Zone 6b)

I have been growing Angelica gigas for years which I started from seed. The seeds germinate a lot like hellebore if you've done that- during mild winter weather.

I've never grown it in true full sun but I'm sure I could. I've done all kinds of shade/ part shade. It takes dryness but at some point needs watering or leaves will start dying back but it's pretty tolerant. The bees love it except if you have something they love more. And it can be a weed but not too hard to pull out if you have the heart. Otherwise, deadhead and just keep one flower to ripen just in case.

Rouge, I'd love to see your pictures. I'm curious how much purple your plant has in the stems during flowering. Mine are greener than a lot of pictures I've seen or the specimen I've seen in a botanical garden.

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(Zone 4b)

Excellent post 'Loretta'. Thank you. (That second picture is outstanding!)

I will try to dig out a picture of my 2 giga plants from last year. But even with these 2 flowering Angelicas from 2015 I see no sign of seedlings :(. That is why I purchased new plants for this year (and next).

I have looked about for Angelica "Ebony" but w/o success. Have you seen it 'Loretta'?

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Pequannock, NJ(Zone 6b)

First I bought Angelica stricta "Purpurea" from Annie's Annuals a few years ago. They had a few plants I really wanted and couldn't get locally so I bit the bullet, as they say, and spent too much (for shipping) for a couple of plants. The plant has very dark leaves and are much finer than you see in my third photo more akin to cimicifuga or the ornamental chervil "Ravenswing" (which is also weedy). But it was infested with aphids and died back pretty quick. I don't think it appreciated living in NJ after spending its life in a greenhouse in California because none of the plants made it here except a poppy which only stayed because it regrew itself from the bottom up.
Then I did get seeds for Ebony from here:
So far, no germination. I'm going to keep the pot for at least two years. I planted it outside for cold stratification so maybe I was wrong to do that in this case. I have read comments that it does run but I'm still trying.

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