Can\'t find Family & Genus for plant to add file

Grand Portage, MN(Zone 4a)

I have a Hoya rotundiflora that I'm trying to add to the plant files but it says the family & genus names I found are not right. I did find the Species name is Hoya rotundiflora, Common name is Square Leaf Hoya, it's native to Thailand and was discovered in 2005. The only name I can find for Family & Genus is Asclepiadaceae.... Can anyone here find the correct information for me and help me add this plant? I am attaching a photo of the Hoya rotundiflora that I found online because my plant is so small yet (3 leaves). Thank you

Thumbnail by Delayneplants
(Zone 5a)

In a plant (or animal) species name, it is usually two words. The first word is the Genus, the second is the species. This link shows you the scientific classification on the right hand side. Asclepiadaceae is the subfamily.

OK, I just added the plant... not quite intending to, but used the info you gave, plus the family and it was accepted. I never did that before, so it came as a surprise. :) There have been times I could not find a Plant File here and using the Add a Plant to get to it because only then would it show up, saying it is already in their system.

So here is the link.

Grand Portage, MN(Zone 4a)

Thank you so much!!

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