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Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I have noticed many of my plants are blooming two weeks or more earlier than usual. How about you guys?
My BES has been blooming for three weeks. It usually blooms in September. My daylilies are blooming now and usually bloom around July 4th.
And yet, my Larkspur is in full bloom which usually blooms in late May and very early June. I'm having a hard time doing much gardening right now. I just want to stay in with the AC. This am at 4:30 it was already 78* with lots of humidity.

The weather here has been above average temperatures. We got middle of July temps in the middle of June.

(Zone 4b)

Quote from birder17 :
I have noticed many of my plants are blooming two weeks or more earlier than usual.

I take it 'birder' that you document first flowering of your perennials each year? (Do you have a gardening 'diary' or a calendar or do you do it electronically? Each year I vow to do this and I usually do for the really early bloomers but once into later spring and so many begin to flower at the same time I dont keep year I promise ;).

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Hi rouge, Yes, I try to write when plants bloom so I can coordinate some of them. I too get bogged down when so many plants start blooming. I've done better this year. I've been walking around about every two weeks and write down what's blooming, what's about to bloom and what has quit blooming. Then, I go inside and re-write it in a notebook. I will probably put my information in a document in the computer because I can't remember which notebook I recorded the information or I can't find it. I have found putting it in documents in the computer is much easier to find a year later.
I need to go out again and record new bloomers!

Pequannock, NJ(Zone 6b)

Not here. We had a cool spring. I know it's hotter in the middle of the country.
Your journal sounds like a nice way to visit the garden, Birder. I keep a photo journal of the garden and use the date the photo was taken as a record.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Hi Loretta,
Using the camera sounds like a great idea. I don't have a problem taking pictures with my camera. It's a point and shoot type. I really like it. The problem I have is storing the pictures in the computer. I'm not real computer savvy and although I use the computer daily, often several times a day, getting pictures from the camera to "where" I want them in the computer is sometimes difficult. It's not just me, my computer cursor likes to "jump around uncontrollably" then, I have to shut the computer down and wait til it quits acting out. It's just easier to record stuff by hand. Computers are great when they do what you want them to.

I do enjoy walking through my gardens and keeping records. You notice things you wouldn't other wise. I find plants that I want to move and notice variations in colors or textures etc.

It's been really hot here. You can't stay out five minutes without breaking a sweat.
The heat index has been a 100 plus.

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