Why\'s this happening and how can I stop it???

Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

Every few months or so, I turn on my PC to discover my desktop has changed (icons moved and magnifier in docked view), Windows Media Player has lost all it's settings (have to re-use set-up screen and re-classify all my media files). . and THIS time my PC strangely goes into the "locked screen" mode without warning, if there's been no activity for (?). . . haven't timed it, but this is new and I don't like it!

I have a 2010 HP, running Windows 7 Home Premium. Windows Update is set to wait until I choose when & which to download and install . . . which I do about 1 or 2 times a month. The only automatic updater I know about is Norton 360.

How can I make these annoying automatic changes to my system STOP!?!?!?

Washington, MO

I guess the issue is with the Windows version. Try to reinstall it or if it doesn't help - you can try another version. I had an issue with my pc - it went to sleeping mode at night. and every morning when I woke up, I saw it working...
Reinstalling helped me. I now use Windows 10 . Hope it helps.
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Du Bois, PA

My wife has impaired vision, she's blind in one eye and has slightly distorted vision in the other. Her desktop settings are critical for her. Back in 2007 she bought a new Vista box. We set it up for her, right to her liking. Every two to three months MS updates reset everything back to default and we'd have to get back into the settings and get everything back to what she wanted.
At the same time my XP box started freezing, blue screening and crashing with one particular update. We went round and round with MS 'service' until November. I was fed up. MS kept telling me my problem was hardware and my wife's problem was corrupt configuration files. I researched, I asked other techs, got nowhere. I tried to find someone with a Mac, I was ready to toss MS. I looked into that Linux stuff and got interested. I installed Ubuntu after trying it for about an hour, and after about two days, loved it. My wife watched over my shoulder and tried it on my computer and decided she wanted it too. I dual-booted for her, her Vista and Ubuntu.
We were both officers with a chapter of the American Council of the Blind and not only didn't have any trouble continuing our chores with Ubuntu, but after getting used to the change, it was easier. With both MS and Ubuntu on her computer, my wife consistently used Ubuntu.
Since then, we've both switched to Linux-Mint with the Mate desktop style we like it even better.
Our recommendation is to ditch MS.

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