My dracaena is dying! Help!

Spokane, WA

About four months ago I elected to take in a large dracaena that was left behind in a closed office building. It is about 7' tall and was wrapped for transport but placed in the back of a pickup to get it here. It was about 40 degrees or slightly less. Shortly after the dracaena and the bonus euphorbia milli they threw in dropped a ton of leaves. I assumed it was shock. Since then the euphorbia has bounced back nicely but the dracaena had not.

The first photo is the dracaena when I first brought it home. The following are the dracaena now. It is in my bedroom near a north facing window. I am careful not to over water but wonder if I am under watering? The trunk is fine, not mushy. The roots are so packed in the pot they are protruding above the soil. The leaves are turning yellow then drying up. It remains in a room that is mid 70s pretty consistently and gets filtered light.

I waited a while to see what would happen in case it was just shock but it looks like more. Any chance this guy will bounce back? What should I do? Also, what kind of dracaena is it? Draco?

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Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

I think at this point it might want a bit more light and water. Only a guess, though.

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