Mulberry seeds

Boonies, SD(Zone 4b)

Has anyone ever tried to start a mulberry tree from seed? A friend of mine wants a white mulberry tree and I have one on my farm. If I took some of the mulberries and froze them for a while, would they start growing if I planted them? I don't know if they have to go through a fermentation period like tomatoes or not. Just wondering where to start.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 7a)

"Mulberry will grow into a medium-sized tree 20-30 feet tall, and produce pale green blossoms from mid spring. Under ideal conditions it can grow very quickly. It produces tasty berries which can be collected and eaten, in addition to the leaves which are used for tea.

Mulberry seeds can be difficult to germinate, and may naturally show low rates of germination. Seeds require approximately 90 days of cold, moist stratification which should be initiated in mid to later winter. Prior to stratifying,seeds should be soaked in water for 4 days, replacing water every 2 days. To stratify, place seeds onto paper towel, moisted, and fold over. Place into resealable baggie and place into refrigerator. Label bag and check every week or so to make sure towel remains moist. Remove and immediately sow any seeds that begin to germinate.

Mulberry likes full sun and slightly acidic (pH around 6.0), moist soil that is deep enough to support its potentially extensive root structure.

At the end of the stratification, sow indoors in containers and keep well moistened until seeds begin to germinate then cut back on the water slightly. Gradually expose to increasing amounts of sunlight and do not transplant outdoors til the last frost of the season has passed."

Boonies, SD(Zone 4b)

Thank you very much.That helps me a lot. He may have more trees than he anticipates.

Boonies, SD(Zone 4b)

Would you happen to know what kind of chances there are to get a white mulberry? Someone just told me that you have a 50/50 chance to get a white mulberry, even if you use the white mulberry seeds.. I guess I thought that if you planted a white mulberry seed, the tree would automatically be a white mulberry.

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