Small wall cabinet

Englewood, FL

Weekend project, scrap pieces of Masonite bead board & old fence boards curbside.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Great should go back and show them what the threw away

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

No no no... he will run out of curb side suppliers!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Lol, don't know how many times I showed what I did with scraps found only to say 'I'll not throw that out again'

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)


Englewood, FL

Aw gee MPL, one wonderful is enough.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Two "Wonderful" = One Fabuloso!

Redwood City, CA

Really cool, initially clicked on it because I am also about to work on some not so small cabinets for the garage, yep I wanna put all my garden tools in them with a twist.. but

Wanna hear something cool?? these lockers came from somewhere awesome

About 6 months ago I ran into some guys working on an old estate, they had these awesome lockers they claimed came from now demolished candle stick park in san francisco. They told me the owner of the house got these player lockers from the old stick.

Sold, or so I thought

I offered to buy them but they said "nah just be cool and pay it forward" , yes they literally gave me the lockers.

Apparently that's what they do, they haul junk, and then donate to people what they don't want to dump.

If any of you gardeners ever need scrap wood or other such items give eco-dumpster® a shout they will even allow you to rent a dumpster or truck compost for you

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Lucky you..great repurpose.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

VERY nice!!!

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