Help, something is wrong with my succulents

West Chester, PA(Zone 6b)

I have several succulents indoors on my window. 3 of them must haven gotten sick over the last weeks. I initially thought they only have some dry spots, but it definitely got worse. I can't see any bugs on them, they get enough sun, watered around once a week (summer). I never had any issues with them over the last +3 years. Please see pics, especially my Echeveria worries me. Before using fungicide/pesticide I was hoping to get an idea what's wrong with them.

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Menasha, WI

MinaLeo, The plants don't look as if they're infested with any insects. The marks look like healed over injuries to the plants. Are they where you or a pet can brush the leaf surface? Also I wonder if at one time they had a bit more water than usual to cause the leaves to split from being too plump with water as the succulents do store water in the leaves for dryer periods. It doesn't look like disease to me. Guess just keep an eye on it to see if it spreads. Also, if the air conditioning is on the plants won't dry as fast than they would in the heat. Good growing, cll

Bathurst, Australia(Zone 8b)

Looks like teeth marks. Do you have a cat? Or else it could be a rodent having a chew.

West Chester, PA(Zone 6b)

Thank you cactusloverlady and Lynann. The bite marks could be an option, since we have 2 cats and their favorite spot is on the sofa right next to the window. However, some of the marks are on very odd spots that they could not reach, i.e. underneath leaves and in the middle of the plant, very strange. It does look scaly however. I will continue monitoring it. I would be heartbroken if they die, since these were my first succulents.

Menasha, WI

MinaLeo, Your plants look healthy. I wouldn't worry so much about them dying.cll

West Chester, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks cactusloverlady!

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